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Thread: Heaps June 2017

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    Heaps June 2017

    Finally got around to a video of the adventure

    HEAPS 6/17
    Great day with 5/4 wetsuits (some in group of four with more) 13 hours car to car at grotto. Had to wait an hour for group ahead us to run final raps. I wasn't cold but did think water felt cold. No longer full though a lot of water. Handful of parter assists, lots of pack tosses. Last time I did the canyon it was full, this time about 1 foot below full on most bigger potholes. I may not understand water sources in heaps but I would guess IF no rain in next couple of weeks a handful of these pots could become a handful. Examples, in first narrows approaching arch, that pothole would get tricky. Some logjams throughout could be harder with a bit less water. The pothole in 2nd narrows just before pool with climb out to sketchy ledge jump was already tough. Losing some more water there could make this a big challenge. Can't name them all but I didn't think Saturday was easy mode, but a good challenge , a lot of work and a fun romp.

    Still not clear how folks get trapped in devils pit.


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