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Thread: South Fork Flathead River TR - 6/17 thru 6/24/17 (Now with Pics)

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    South Fork Flathead River TR - 6/17 thru 6/24/17 (Now with Pics)

    Just got off the Flathead and thought I would give a quick conditions report for everyone.

    I went in from the Lodgepole TH over Young's Pass and down to Babcock Creek where I put on and started floating. The trail had been cleared to the Jenny Creek / Young's confluence and was in good shape. The rest of the hike to Babcock had moderate downfall and wasn't too bad. After Babcock the downfall on the trail is horrendous and I would strongly recommend you put on at Babcock, or if you want to avoid a couple of log jams, put on at the next creek crossing below Babcock. I estimated Young's was flowing around 1000cfs at Babcock and probably 2000cfs at the confluence of Young's and Danaher. The micro narrows before the confluence were a blast at that level.

    There was four or five easy portages on Young's that required 5 minutes to drag the boat over rock bars, and one that required a full de-rig but still only took 15 minutes to get around. There was two portage on the SF proper at Gordon Creek and about a mile below Gordon. I layed over at the White River and hiked to the Chinese wall and then floated the White back to camp. I estimated the White to be running around a 1000cfs and it was nothing short of SPECTACULAR at that level. It was six miles of splashy face shots the entire way. AMAZING! If the SF Flathead is epic, the White River is sublime.

    Bugs were a minor nuisance until around the Black Bear packbridge, and then became an unstoppable hoard until I got off the river at Mid Creek. The Mid Creek exit is not obvious, I floated a half mile beyond it before I realized my mistake. Luckily the trail parallels the river from Mid Creek to Meadow Creek TH and it is not to much of a hassle to de-rig below Mid Creek and hike up to the trail. Don't go to much further below Mid Creek as it narrows into a gorge and you definitely don't want to be running that section unless you intend too.

    I used Tommy at 4 Rivers shuttle (406.370.5845) to get my rig to Meadow Creek TH, and he did exactly what and when he said he would. Would definitely recommend his services. It's expensive, but it's a hellva shuttle (300+ miles).

    Hope this helps. What an amazing river through a spectacular wilderness.


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    Name:  DSCF1337.jpg
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    "The Body" (75 pounds! I'm an idiot) at Lodgepole TH
    Name:  DSCF1342.jpg
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Size:  93.7 KB
    Hiking up Lodgepole Creek
    Name:  DSCF1348.jpg
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Size:  129.3 KB
    Bear track on trail ( I wear a size 11.5 and it was bigger than my foot)
    Name:  DSCF1369.jpg
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Size:  98.6 KB
    Young's Creek at Babcock confluence
    Name:  DSCF1370.jpg
Views: 1326
Size:  96.7 KB
    Typical portage on Young's Creek
    Name:  DSCF1372.jpg
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Size:  77.5 KB
    The Rig
    Name:  DSCF1392.jpg
Views: 1314
Size:  64.8 KB
    Camp at Gordon Creek
    Name:  DSCF1401.jpg
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Size:  59.3 KB
    Big Prairie Ranger Station
    Name:  DSCF1409.jpg
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Size:  57.9 KB
    SF Flathead at Big Prairie packbridge (notice the broken rod)
    Name:  DSCF1435.jpg
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Size:  108.3 KB
    White River
    Name:  DSCF1436.jpg
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    White River
    Name:  DSCF1448.jpg
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Size:  80.7 KB
    White River
    Name:  DSCF1462.jpg
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Size:  86.5 KB
    SF Flat below Black Bear Creek
    Name:  DSCF1469.jpg
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Size:  138.4 KB
    The gorge section below Mid Creek take out
    Name:  DSCF1478.jpg
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Size:  102.7 KB
    Bear Grass at Meadow Creek TH
    Name:  DSCF1486.jpg
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Size:  49.1 KB
    Hungry Horse Res with Bob Marshall Wilderness in background

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    Will a mod please rotate pics when they get a chance.

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