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Thread: Invasion of the e-bikes

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    oh wow. I wonder if there's a subconscious effort to brake more, thinking that if they don't, the motor could go all Maximum Overdrive on them and take them for a wild ride if they don't ride the brake.

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    Draper has begun posting all the trails in Corner Canyon.

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    It makes sense to me that e-bikes would be slower on the downhill sections.

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    I bought a Raleigh commuter ebike to get to and from work on my hilly and flat commute. It provides assist IF u pdal and only up to 20 mph. Its a good bike and better with the assist helping me get up the hills,
    I am 65 yrs, this thing makes me feel young again. I am enjoying the commute much more than I did on my 650 cc motorcycle.

    the electric drivetrain is by Shimano

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    I've been able to demo e-bikes a couple of times up AF Canyon in the last year. What Neil's buddy says about being slower on the downhill is true. I'm much faster downhill on my hardtail vs. the full suspension e-bike. The e-bike is sluggish and just can't be whipped around. And, no, they don't do any trail damage on the uphill. I don't have any problem whatsoever with them being on trails designated for motorized use and I can see myself getting one in another 8-10 years when I'm in my mid-sixties and can't pedal the steep, rugged trails anymore that I enjoy now.
    Are we there yet?

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    Funny thing is I think Strava might eventually be the death of ebikes in many areas. Nothing seems to pisses serious MTB riders off move then an ebike trashing all the local records. YMMV

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