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Thread: Some photo highlights from an old vacation in Utah (mainly GSENM)

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    Some photo highlights from an old vacation in Utah (mainly GSENM)

    Wasn't sure which forum to post these, so chose here rather than trip reports because although they were taken on one vacation, it's a mish mash of some favourite desert places dotted around, all pretty well-known, but hopefully nice eye candy.

    Quite a few are taken in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, so hopefully they will highlight the danger of the current review of the Monument's status and what could be ruined.

    I've put them on because I was looking back at some old pics I took with a cheapish compact camera before getting my current DSLR, but now with the benefit of having learned some basic photoshop I've been able to reveal what the camera couldn't cope with due to the high light contrast, so it had previously
    reduced to very dark shadows - even though my eyes saw the real scene. Now they are more like the real thing I thought some were worth posting.

    Name:  resizedhorizontalp1070647imp.jpg
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    Name:  resizedhorizontalp1070557imp.jpg
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    Name:  resizedhorizontalp1070726imp.jpg
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    Name:  resizedvertical303panoimp.jpg
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    Name:  resizedhorizontalp1080109imp2.jpg
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    Name:  P1070925imp.jpg
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    ]Name:  P1070928imp 2.jpg
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    Name:  P1070961imp.jpg
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    Name:  P1070293imp.jpg
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    This is an interesting topic! Do you use LR? If so, you will definitely like these free presets

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    I love the rock formation, it is such an astonishing view.

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    Outstanding snaps! Thanks for sharing them!

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    Stunning images. I espacially like the third one, the colors are so rich. Thanks for sharing.

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