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Thread: Trump fires Comey

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    I've really never understood why the Democrats don't work with Trump.

    Probably because Trump is a bully and dick to anyone who doesn't agree with him. Obviously, some who side with Trump like that part of him.

    For the most part Trumps values are pretty middle of the road.

    Not quite, but closer to the middle than many others.

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    If it weren't for Trump's rants and ego, he would actually have a lot of potential to bring the two parties together since he is closer to the middle than most recent presidents. With the possible exception of McCain, Trump was the most middle of the road presidential candidate for at least 20 years.

    I agree that the Democrats would be stupid to impeach Trump.

    Here's what would happen with impeachment:

    Impeach Trump -- Pence becomes President
    Impeach Pence -- Paul Ryan becomes President
    Impeach Paul Ryan -- Orrin Hatch becomes President
    Impeach Orrin Hatch -- Rex Tillerson becomes President

    And so on.

    Personally, I think Trump is a dick, but he's better than much of the above.

    Impeaching Trump would be stupid, unless he really did something very illegal.

    Many true conservatives and Republicans would actually much rather have Pence in the presidency than Trump. From a political ideal and values standpoint, Democrats would be stupid to hand the presidency over to Pence.
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