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Thread: Trump fires Comey

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    Trump fires Comey

    "This is a grotesque abuse of power by the President of the US" - Jeffrey Toobin tearing into Trump over Comey

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    Drain the swamp, baby. That guy had gotten too big for his britches. Trump gave him just enough rope to hang himself.
    Call the cops.

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    Things getting hot in Washington...

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    Not really... The Democrats were crying last week that Comey should be fired. And when Trump fires him they cry about that. Mostly it just shows how out of touch with reality the far left is.

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    Also remember.... The media needs to whip every disagreement into a frenzy in order to sell ad space. This is a huge nothing burger. If Hillary had of won the election Comey would have be gone on day one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    If Hillary had of won the election Comey would have be gone on day one.
    BINGO! The Democrats in Congress and the liberals in the media are absolutely out of their minds. Things seemed a bit sketchy for a few months after the election, but all along Trump was learning how to manhandle a bunch of retards. They declared war on him the day he announced and that's too bad for them...if they actually hadn't been so viscous and wanted to work with him, I'd bet he'd be up for that. They screwed themselves.

    I'm quite satisfied with how Trump stands his ground and knocks their asses out. Sniveling wimps need no apply. He got the CIA and the Justice Dept. squared away and now he has the FBI. Comey was a mess.
    Call the cops.

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    I've really never understood why the Democrats don't work with Trump. Trump isn't really a Republican, in fact he was a registered Democrat until a few years ago. For the most part Trumps values are pretty middle of the road.

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    Opps, I guess we weren't supposed to cheer...

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    Comey did seem to be generally incompetent, but the optics certainly look bad. Anytime you fire the person investigating you, (who also refused to join trump on the wiretap claims) it looks suspicious. May as well just assign an independent investigator to finally get to the bottom of the Russia story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandstone Addiction View Post
    Opps, I guess we weren't supposed to cheer...

    OUCH that's awkward

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    I know most here are Kool-aide drinking true believers, but doesn't any of this seem a little off to you? No more press briefings, journalists being jailed for asking questions, twitter threats about secret recordings, firing FBI directly the day after he asks for money to investigate you and a few months after rejecting a loyalty pledge? Haven't even got into all of the smoke around Russia.

    Iceaxe posting meme of Trump riding a rocket and flipping the bird at brown people in 3,2,1....

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    Sorry, no rocket pictures, how about Trump riding a dragon with a rocket launcher?


    Seriously, do you really believe Trump was directly in collusion with the Russians? I'm not saying Russia didn't try to steer the elections. They did the exact same thing the US often does in other countries (see last Israeli election). But Trump and Putin putting together a plan is laughable, talk about chasing a Russian unicorn down a rabbit hole.

    As for Comey I'm amazed he lasted this long, if Hillary was elected he would have been gone day one.

    One thing Trump does is surround himself with amazing talent. Mark my words, Trump will name someone to head the FBI that is unimpeachable that even the extreme left will not be able to bitch about.

    FWIW - I'm not exactly a kool-aid drinking true believer, it's just that the alternative to Trump was completely intolerable to me. When Trump stuck Gorsuch on the SCOTUS he accomplished the main reason I voted for him. With a little luck Trump should be able to set this country on a more conservative course for the rest of my life. I'm nearly certain Ginsburg is just about out of the aborted baby fetus blood that has been keeping her alive the last 4 years. Once RBG goes tits up and is replaced with a conservative all will be well in my world.

    If you want me to go into everything I dislike about Trump I'll be happy to, we can start with Trump care, which is just as big of disaster as Obama care.

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    It appears the Russian Unicorn is probably just a fantasy.... who would have ever guessed....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    It appears the Russian Unicorn is probably just a fantasy.... who would have ever guessed....

    Wow, so the guy who exposed the DNC conspiring to dismiss Bernie over Hillary, resulting in the DNC chairperson resigning... was killed? YIKES that's a great movie plot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    if Hillary was elected he would have been gone day one.
    Correction, he's lucky he's still amongst the living. I'm sure in his Hillary email review, he found his own suicide note. Look at all the folks dropping dead around the DNC. Coincidence? I think not.

    Now, POTUS has 100% legal right to fire the head of FBI or anybody else (outside of SCOTUS, Congress, Senate <legislative body> ). The media is daily looking for garbage on Trump and I'm hopeful he can power through this.

    That all being stated, I do wish Trump would stop his Twitter rant and learn to control his mouth...
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