Hello Bogley forum, it's great to be here.

I am here today to find out as much information about the GoPro and which option would be the best for me. As most people have seen the GoPro's have gone viral all over the internet with many different ways to use the camera. You can buy them from many online stores like this http://www.used.forsale/canada/vancouver/gopro so getting hold of one is not a problem. But my problem is, I'm not sure if they are all the same camera and you buy cases and lenses to go with it. Or, If the cameras are different and you buy the cases and lenses as a package? Either way, I'm clueless and would love it if you guys could point me in the right direction.

I am going travelling around South East Aisa for about 3 months and I want to catch as much of it as possible to keep as memories on either video or photo. When I'm there I would love to be taking the GoPro underwater, up the highest mountains and attach it to my bike to get all the videos and pictures wanted of my travels. I would imagine at some point I will be needing zoom also to get them far away, detailed shots.

I've never been much of a photographer so please forgive my lack of terminology! If there is any other information you guys need to help me get the GoPro I'm looking for then just comment below and I will add it on. Really looking forward to speaking with you guys and seeing what options I have in the GoPro world.

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