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Thread: GoPro Hero 5 Black

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    GoPro Hero 5 Black

    I just bought the Gopro Hero 5 Black:

    I almost went for the GoPro 5 Session, but I did like the 120 frame per second option on the Hero Black.

    I'm not really a GoPro fanboy, it's just that I have my drone that shoots 4K at 30 frames per second, and my last GoPro didn't, and it made it difficult to merge Drone and Gopro footage into the same video trying to match the size and frame rate. This is the main reason for the purchase.

    Anyways, I'm happy with it, and even though I've got a ton of accessories and mounts, I couldn't help buy another bulk accessory package for 6.99. Yes, 7 bucks on Amazon gave me all of these mounts, I couldn't pass it up. The Chest mount alone goes for 40 bucks, so I couldn't pass it up.

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    That accessory pack is a steal! Let us know when you get the accessories how the quality is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kent K25 View Post
    That accessory pack is a steal! Let us know when you get the accessories how the quality is.
    I've got them now and they seem just as good as the official branded stuff. Great deal.

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    Did you get the Hero 5 through the trade-in program? If so, what did you trade in and how much did they give you?
    Are we there yet?

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    I just shipped my old GoPro off to GoPro under the trade-in program. Looking forward to receiving my new Hero 5 Black!
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    So, I've taken my new Hero5 Black on a few rides now and I have to say, I love this thing! Such a huge upgrade from my old Hero3. I love the touch-screen display on the back and it's easy to switch back and forth from video to still photos. The internal video stabilization seems to work pretty good, too, and without distorting the video. The feature I thought was gimmicky but, I now use all the time is the voice activation. It may sound goofy to hear me on the trail call out, "GoPro, start recording", "GoPro, stop recording", or 'GoPro, take a photo" but, it's a way cool feature and I like not having to take my hands off the handlebars or come to a complete stop stop just to start recording. Such a nice upgrade!
    Are we there yet?

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    Yeah it's a great camera. I still need to learn how to get better video frame grabs from the 1080 at 120fps, so far they have come out at a lower quality than my hero 3. I thought for sure the 120fps would give me sharper images during movement than the older 60fps, but this isn't the case so far. Maybe I need to mess around with the Protune settings.

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    My brother who currently lives in Alaska (9 years) just bought one and has taken some great videos with it.

    He said just today that a min long 4K video turns out to be about 400+ MB! Thatís a lot of data.

    I assume you guys compress your videos?

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    Yeah I've got maybe 3 hard drives full of raw video from the years past, and now that I'm shooting 4k with my drone and 4k on the GoPro, they are filling up at about triple the rate. I keep the raw uncompressed video on backup just in case I ever want to go back and reproduce a video or show some section of land or trail or whatever that didn't make the final cut.

    It's time I invest in an endless cloud storage plan, I could see myself coming up on 10TB in a year or two.

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