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Thread: Halls Creek and Muley Twist Canyon - Water Level and Road

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    Halls Creek and Muley Twist Canyon - Water Level and Road

    Does anybody have any recon on water level? We are thinking of going to Halls Creek and Muley Twist Canyon next week (April 17th).

    We called ranger office and they said the last report for the Halls narrows was March 22, at which time the deepest water was 28 inches. Little if any rain since then. None in the forecast. So I said, "So is it safe to assume that the water level would be lower than that now?" "That's not something I would know," she said.

    Also we have a choice of driving a Prius or a Subaru Outback. Does anybody know which car we should take? Driving from So Cal so Prius would be better from that standpoint but Outback has higher clearance and is All wheel Drive.

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    In the Halls Creek Narrows, I would expect some knee to waist deep water in a few places. As far as the roads go, a Prius should be OK (if you drive slowly) for the standard trailhead to Halls Creek, but not the shortcut trailhead.

    As far as Muley Twist Canyon goes, it's OK, but there are far better canyons in the area, so I'd skip it (the far upper end is nice above the Burr Trail though. Spend more time going from Halls Creek to Lake Powell, exploring the side canyons along the way, or head slightly west to the Escalante region. Those are better than Muley Twist.
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