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Thread: Spring Break '17 Baptist/Chute loop

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    Spring Break '17 Baptist/Chute loop

    Days quit needing names. We had slipped into the grazing carnivorous beasts of past time. Just feeding (perky jerky) and having fun (Utah). Soon we would go back to our rented cage and focus on issues of a different reality, but right now we had a canyon to explore.

    The morning was a glorious sight and the air crisp, as we enjoyed our early start.

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    Oh wait! That's the end of the pics. Our morning started a little different.

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    I need to choke this down.... family thinks I forgot how to use English.

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    After driving around and "sight seeing" we find an ancient Anasazi parking area. From this spot we can see the trails that wander up to and around T-Pee rock. Do we really need the guide book? So far it has a different parking area and a trail that is a straight line between two points. I have the beta memorized, two raps and turn left. That's kinda it. I don't argue just throw it in the pack and go.

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    OK, so we did drag out that book once because it just seemed too close be right there on the other side of that little butte. "Yep, that's it." Once we got to the bottom the kids inadvertently began warming up for their/our first canyoneering experience.

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    The first obstacle is the hardest stem (hind sight) and it's over water deep enough for full immersion. Here is where we encounter another group in front of us and we find out they had 2 "clients" slip and go for a swim.

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    We opted out. I judged this to be at least a 5.9ish move for a person five foot six or taller. Maybe we shoulda stayed and worked on it but I didn't like the prospects of starting this canyon with a dunking. Besides a lot of you are wondering why we aren't under squid lids yet. Time to gear up.

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    The canyon is short here and a retraceable out and in route is found. We skipped 100' of canyon but this is our adventure . Since we are operating with no idea and no beta, retreat was always kept as an option. Down canyon we proceeded. A little stemming. A little rope work. A little problem solving. If you look around you won't have to enter water deep enough to "know" how deep it is.

    Not far down canyon is the crux (at least fear factor wise). This was an easy stem over a fairly tall gap. Especially in the eyes of a 9 and 12 year old.

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    On we go with the fun and exploring.

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    The first rap was a lot shorter than expected and the kids were bummed. I wish I would have DC'd this one. Hind site says everyone coulda DC'd on webbing with a hip belay. We arrive at the end of Baptist draw and wow, it's an intimidating and amazing place.

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    The kids are stoked for a big rap.

    So glad we went to the Lair a few days earlier for their first rappel. Here's a couple of pics from that.
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    Goblins Lair ^^^ vvv
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    Goblins Lair ^^^ vvv
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    The rappel into Chute is an easy place to get on rope, with a gentle transition to vert at the top.
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    After our food stores got dumped into the bottomless pits of our spawn we took note of the length of the teeth the day had grown. Time to tackle one more canyon. The group in front of us left our sight just before the high stem and we were sure we were alone.

    Up to this point our canyon beta was pretty nill and slightly wrong to wrong. Chute canyon at least all the beta was right. Well, all the beta was left. I mean "turn left". That was it. I think I coulda figured out upstream all on my own. I assumed non-technical but was hoping for something better than a walk up. YES!

    The kids loved going up Chute. I loved it. Mom loved it! Lots of little problems with many solutions. Despite being wet the water only got crotch deep for Thing 2 once. The kids worked well as a pair and basically ascended this canyon as a pair. From a kids perspective, going up Chute gets 5 stars.

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    At the very end you are given a stair case or 50 more feet of narrows with water in the bottom. I went water. Stairs were better.
    There were many tracks here going up, so we got high to see where we were at.

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    Sweet! not far, and good trail.

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    And we get some awesome views without that awful ball of radiation bearing down on us.

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    We had a great time and it was nice to see our skills at the level we thought necessary to complete this canyon. Mom and I like the inspiration the kids have to continue their fitness (started preparing @ the gym 1.1.17) and to learn to stem a silo!

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    I'd also like to add what our equipment was since this kinda reads a little like beta. The kids wore 1.5 mil neo bottoms and a poly layering with fleece on their tops. Mom and Dad wore poly layering top and bottom. Everyones' comfort levels were cold in the water but quickly warming up without sun. The rope was a 9.? dynamic 60M. This gave them superior control (IMO) and allowed mom and dad to go double rope to 100'. I still don't have the cajones to use the fiddlestick. The kids rappelled on atc clones in the grooved slot configuration. Finally, I should add that this isn't our first rodeo with a rope just our first in a canyon and, yes, the kids really did rappel for the first time in to the Lair. I belayed with a second rope. We also dropped an overhanging 10+M cliff a few times the day before we did this loop.
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    Spring Break '17 Baptist/Chute loop

    Awesome! I'm glad the kids loved it.

    I was about that age when I got introduced to Little Wild Horse canyon, the wild desert, and Goblin Valley. My mom was the one who introduced us to those slot canyons and ever since I have been hooked.

    And I hope they are the same for you as they grow older.

    Anyway, a great read And thanks for sharing.

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