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Thread: How much fuzz is too much?

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    How much fuzz is too much?

    I was going over my rope in preparation for a trip later in march and came across this...

    This is about 20 feet in from my rope end so it's not a big deal if I need to chop it, but more out of curiosity and gaining knowledge from you regular canyon folk I ask, how much fuzz is too much? I can't see the core and the bend radius seems consistent with the rest of the rope.

    Ok go...

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    I'm not an expert on ropes, but I always thought that if you can't see the core the rope is still good. That said you should watch that spot very carefully if you decide not to cut it. Also on short drops I would try to rig from the other end so as not to use that side and for longer drops make sure you rig the worn spot on the bottom end.

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    I AM an expert on ropes.

    This is not fuzz. This is cut fibers. Somewhere in there is a core shot. Do a couple rappels over that section and the core shot will reveal itself.

    Cut it.

    Looks like you got good value out of that rope. The section in focus is close to death in any case. Show respect and give that rope a gold watch and send it to grandpa's farm.


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    Thanks for the feedback! I have gotten a lot of use out of it so I'm not too sad to see it go.

    Looks like I will just be forced to buy a new one

    Thanks again!

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    How much fuzz is too much?

    Canyoneering ropes never die, they just get shorter.

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