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Thread: President Trump

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    Quote Originally Posted by dougrz View Post
    I'm guessing you didn't read the article beyond the headline. You might disagree with the policy, and I probably would too, but there isn't even a hint of illegality or skirting of Congress. Other than on policy disagreement grounds by Dems, and other than the disagreements between factions within the WH.

    GEEZE. This is a horrific, textbook example of what trash the media has become, and what a bold faced lying headline/article pair is.
    Well we don't know just yet if someone broke the law. But it is further evidence that a good chunk of the president's men throw ethics out the window when they can make a buck. General Flynn is a perfect example of everything wrong with the swamp.

    And do we really think selling nucular technology to a fundamentalist regime is a good idea? I mean sure, they are sort of our friends right now, but Iran used to be our friends too.

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    Iív been here on the Big Island for a while now and the only news Iím getting is NPR from the Jeep radio...Iím camping alot.

    Itís 100% anti-Trump all day long, with global warming and racism stories mixed in. Like CNN radio. You can hear the hate and disgust dripping from their voices. Theyíve said nothing about the Smollett case.
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