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Thread: Utah Football 2017

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    Dear Utah - for once could you please not step on your own dick the entire game?

    11 penalties for 95 yards...
    Where you are....Is not who you are.


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    7 in a row! It SHOULD NOT have been this close. Utah's offense kept BYU in it. The stats are so lopsided, but not the score.

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    When is Utah going to stop stepping on their own dick? The score for the BYU game would have been 35-0 If the Utes would stop shooting themselves in the foot. They need to get this fixed before PAC play begins.

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    Agreed. They have a lot of work to do before the Arizona game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by accadacca View Post
    This is hysterical.
    Where you are....Is not who you are.


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    Can't wait to get this kid back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by accadacca View Post
    Can't wait to get this kid back!
    Cool video. His companion cracked me up!

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    The kid has some moves and SPEED.

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    Utah Football 2017

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    Has anybody heard when Shyne is coming back?

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    Doug Robinson: Reversal of fortune—How Utah and BYU switched places

    The Talent Decline

    The talent of football players at BYU regressed considerably under Bronco Mendenhall. Here’s one way to quantify the decline:

    — Current players in the NFL: Utah 27, BYU 9.

    — Players in the NFL when Mendenhall became head coach in 2005: BYU 24, Utah 5.

    — Draft picks during Mendenhall’s 11 years as head coach: 11 (from the spring of 2006 to the spring of 2016).

    — Draft picks during the previous 11 years: 31.

    The talent drain has been reflected on the field. The Cougars have won a lot of games in recent years, but, since 2009, they are 14-23 against Power 5 conference teams and 3-12 against ranked teams.

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    Carrington has 9 catches for 153 and 3 TD's with 11 minutes to go.

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    Huntley 340 and 4 TD's completing nearly 75% of his passes.

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    Even better is the Utes have really cleaned up a bunch of problem areas. The snaps are getting to the QB, penalties are way down, started scoring TD's in the red zone, running game was a little better. The D is creating havoc and getting turnovers. The Offense is really starting to click.

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    What's the deal with this sheet?

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    I will guess the players couldn't see what play was being signaled in from the sideline and the sheet was a quick fix.

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