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Thread: Utah Basketball--Runnin' Utes 2016-17

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    Utah Basketball--Runnin' Utes 2016-17

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    Dang!! The runnin' Utes are starting out with a tough schedule. Northwest Nazarene and Coppin State are really, really good. Wouldn't be surprised if Utah went 0 - 3 to start the season.
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    When do they play the Provo State Fight Club?

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    I think I heard somewhere that they were going to schedule Salt Lake Community College and Westminster College for the 2017-2018 season. Also, Taylorsville High and Cottonwood High School for the 2018-2019 season.
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    Watch out for UVU. I hear there are dirty players in Utah County.......
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    Black Friday Special

    All 9 conference home games for $50. All upper bowl, but not a bad seat in the Huntsman Center IMHO.

    I wasn't going to buy tickets this year, but for $6 a game couldn't pass it up. My seats are in Section TT Row 37.

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    Utah Basketball--Runnin' Utes 2016-17

    I got 4 in that section. Row 39.

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    Utah Basketball--Runnin' Utes 2016-17

    A couple Saturdays ago, UVU beat BYU in the Marriott center 114-101.

    Well, they almost got the Runnin' Utes tonight in the Huntsman Center. The final score was 87-80, but it was much closer. UVU had a lead with under 2 minutes to go. Unbelievable talented team. They almost swept the Cougs and Utes, both on the road!

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    Utah looked good against Colorado in their first conference game. 76-60

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    Utes are looking very good against the wild kitties.

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    If they could just get some 3s to drop...

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    Utah Basketball--Runnin' Utes 2016-17

    Overall they did pretty well. They couldn't score enough and get stops down the stretch, but not a bad showing on the road against Arizona.

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    Much like their football counterparts, I believe this will be a rebuilding year for the runnin Utes.

    They're good, but they don't quite have what it takes to be a contender this year.

    I see the runnin Utes eking out 22 regular season wins this season. They might qualify for a berth in the post season NCAA tournament, but if they do they won't make it beyond the first round.

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    Such a fun game to watch!

    The place was rockin' after Bonham made the alley oop with a few minutes left in the game.

    Very solid overall performance.

    Hope that momentum carries over to UCLA on Saturday.

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    At the half. Lookin good so far.

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    The Runnin Utes are playing great! They can pull this off.

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    So close.

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    Isn't that the final? Why does it say there's still 9:29 remaining?

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    Yes, final score. Not sure why the clock was reset to 15:00 and started running again. Maybe that's when they turn the lights off?

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