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Thread: Global Warming is now Against the Law

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    Global Warming is now Against the Law

    Results of the recent Paris treaty makes global warming against international law. many questions. Such as: Who will enforce this? How are they going to enforce this among nations that refuse to embrace the climate change deal?

    How are we going to "stop" global warming...just everybody stops burning fossil fuels tomorrow? Yeah, right.

    Out of NECESSITY, fossil fuels are here to stay for at least another 40+ years. I'm all for alternative energy, but the sad truth is the transition from FF to clean energy will take a long time, and you can't just flip a switch and the earth magically cools 2 degrees overnight.

    Personally, I think we humans are supremely narcissistic to think we are responsible for global weather patterns. Like we can control global temperatures like we control the temperature in our cars...just flip that global A/C switch to avert some future weather induced apocalypse.

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    If you had of read the deal you will notice there is no enforcement mechanism or monitoring mechanism in it. While it's nice everyone agreed to try and slow carbondioxide emissions this is really nothing but a dog and pony show.

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    I released some methane into the air today & let my car idle for 5 minutes waiting for a train. Now that I know I'm breaking the law I feel like a renegade 😈

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