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    Labyrinth Falls


    Does anyone please have any pictures of the last 3/4 mile of pPurunuweap (The Barracks/East Fork of Virgin River) before Labyrinth falls. I did all the Barracks) as far as the Powell plaque but couldn't go further as we had to take the sensible decision to turn around because of the cold - with no sun and strong wind - the high water level and flow we would have had to walk against and lack of daylight remaining. I'm intrigued about the bit we didn't quite complete and wondered if one day it's worth the long hike in just to see the bit I didn't manage from the plaque to the falls or did I already see the best part?

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    The best (meaning deepest and narrowest) part of East Fork of the Virgin is probably from Misery Canyon down to Labyrinth Falls. But if you hiked from Misery to the Powell Plaque you pretty much know what it looks like, just more of the same.

    Bottomline is I would not do the hike just to see that section of canyon. BUT.... if you can get a technical canyoneer to take you through Fat Man's Misery and also tag the bottom section of the East Fork that you missed that would be ideal. The bottom section of Misery Canyon is one of the most spectacular canyons that I know of.

    Misery Canyon (aks: Fat man's Misery)

    East Fork of Virgin River (aka: Parunuweap)

    If I remember correctly this picture was taken between the Powell Plaque and the falls.

    I hope that helps.

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    Thanks Iceaxe

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    I think the the last 3/4 mile after the plaque is just as amazing as the rest of the canyon. Here are a few pictures of that area down to the falls.

    Name:  IMGP1131.jpg
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    Name:  IMGP1137.jpg
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    Name:  IMGP1138.jpg
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    Name:  IMGP1156.jpg
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    Name:  IMGP1163.jpg
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    Name:  IMGP1165.jpg
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    Name:  IMGP1167.jpg
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    Name:  IMGP1174.jpg
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    ^^^Nice Pictures^^^

    I need to do Misery again and get better pictures and a video.

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    If you want to come down this way sometime this winter we are game to go through with you

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    looks pretty impressive in those photos. Thanks

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    Thanks for the offer 2065Toyota, but I live in the UK and have been out twice this year, so won't be making it again this winter!! But I'll remember this and bear it in mind next time I'm in Zion and hope you haven't yet gone back and I'll be in touch if I'm planning to go there. I'd either do the hike in from Checkerboard, or, having done West Ford Fat Man's this time, maybe do East Fork, as like Iceaxe I should have got better photos below where they meet. But i had already taken quite a few and it was time consuming getting the camera out of drybags and by the time we reached the best bit (looking down at the two arches), regrettably everyone was getting very cold and so I didn't want to hold them up and never took a pic from the best spot. (whether a camera could have captured what the eye saw I didn't get to test out)

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