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Thread: Hike at Causey Reservoir to see Kokanee Salmon spawning

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    Hike at Causey Reservoir to see Kokanee Salmon spawning

    The Kokanee Salmon sighting is a very hot topic right now. I would suggest getting up to Causey Reservoir in the next week to witness this event.

    If you are hiking vs taking a canoe, kayak or paddleboard, it's a moderate 2.5 mile hike each way with 350 feet elevation change (depends how you define moderate). Most kids and dogs can make the hike.

    Here's my Trip Report in years' past:

    Here's a quick link to the hiking route

    And here is my KSL article with more info about viewing them at Strawberry Reservoir

    While I highly suggest checking this out at least once in your lifetime, please be courteous and respectful to these fish as they are protected at this time. Don't catch them with your hands just because you can, and you'd better not post a picture of the fish being held in your hand while you're making a kissy face, either.

    Do not run and chase the fish through the stream, as their eggs are laid in the creek bed. Don't throw rocks at them to scare them away from the bushes so you can get a better picture. And don't poke them with sticks to get them into the camera frame either.

    I've witnessed each of these things, sadly.

    Have fun, be respectful to others on this crowded skinny trail.

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    Fox 13 just notified they'll be showing my video at about 5:40 - 5:45 today. It's a Live show though, so it can vary.

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