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Thread: Pac-12 Football

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    It's never made sense to me that you can play for a national championship when you couldn't even win your conference.
    I feel the same way. If got can't win your conference how can got be the national champ

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    Unbelievable. I canít believe the committee put Alabama in the playoff. 6 reasons why:

    1) every time I mention about x team is undefeated and they should be ranked #1, the argument I get thrown back at me is ďstrength of schedule.Ē Well letís look at strength of schedule this year.
    Alabamaís best win is against #12 LSU. Ohio State has beaten two top 4 teams this year. So the strength of schedule argument goes out the window.

    2) Ohio State is a power 5 conference champion, Alabama didnít even play in their conference championship.

    3) Auburn beat both Georgia and Alabama during the last month. This would be good enough to win the National championship, if Alabama was ranked 1 or 2 in the playoff. Auburn is better than Alabama at least, and even strength with Georgia. So itís a slap in the face for them.

    4) you are essentially punishing not only Ohio State for beating Wisconsin by keeping them out, but the entire big 10. So it indirectly also punishes the other top teams in what was arguably one of the top 3 conferences this year, if not the top: penn state, Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan state.

    5) making Clemson play Alabama in the playoffs for the 3rd straight year is a slap in the face not only to clemson, who has to slog through Alabama yet again, but also college football fans in general who have to sit through yet another clemson vs Alabama matchup in the playoffs.

    6) rewarding Alabama for....what, exactly? They havenít beaten a top 10 team. They didnít play in their conference championship. They ended their season with a loss. What have they done to prove they deserve a spot in the playoff?

    If anybody can refute these 6 points, please do so!

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    As I said, if you're not a conference champion you should not be in the final 4.

    On a positive note it's this type of bullshit that will likely lead to an actual playoff one of these days.

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    On a positive note, it was nice to see Kirk Herbstreet walk off the stage and throw a temper tantrum like a baby. I hate that guy.

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    ^^^ I also find it humorous that the Buckeyes got the shaft. But in response to that, I think USC is gonna get spanked. I think the Trojans are one of the most overrated teams in the Pac12. Hell's sakes, a 6-6 Utah squad was 2 yards away from beating them in the Colosseum.
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    Willie Taggart bolts for Florida State after one year at Oregon. Lol Ducks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by accadacca View Post
    Willie Taggart bolts for Florida State after one year at Oregon. Lol Ducks!
    Oregon offered $20 million for 5 years and FSU offered $30 million. Also Taggart is going home so it's kind of a no brainer. I do fail to see the humor on behalf of the Ducks that you apparently see.

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