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Thread: Gravel Canyon

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    Gravel Canyon

    On August 20th, 2016, Tony ( @Absolute Gravity ), Levi ( @levifackrell ) and I splashed our way through Gravel Canyon.

    Gravel was much more fun than I expected; it was step up in scenery and challenge from the neighboring Black Hole. Tippy-top water conditions added to the fun on this warm summer day. A bit stinky in places, a bit cold in places, but without a doubt worth a visit.

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    Some dudes will do anything to avoid water.

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    Levi enjoying his very first floating disconnect.
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    Tony, the bog monster.

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    I've seen a few photos of this spot. It is sublime. This day it was a deep swimmer.

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    The Hungry Cyclops. Nom-nom!

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    Playing in the log soup. Note the log Levi is sitting on.

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    Our view of some really cool ruins from the exit route.

    Name:  P1040339.jpg
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    Nice pics as always, Slot!
    "Beaten paths are for beaten men."

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    Great pics. That tree trunk is really cool

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