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Thread: Das Boot and The Subway - 2016

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    Das Boot and The Subway - 2016

    After a long and rainy night, on August 6th, 2016, Steph, Meg and I splashed our way through Das Boot then down The Subway.

    We caught Das Boot in rare form; it was flowing nicely and the water was warm. Steph and I were surprised to find long hallways full of sand and rocks that had been deep swimmers on our previous visit in 2012. A pair of large intimidating potholes were completely undetectable on this visit.

    When we arrived at The Subway we were stunned at the amount of sand we discovered. Keyhole falls was a 5 foot downclimb, then we climbed OVER the bowling ball chokestone. The rest of the route was also stuffed with sand, including the potholes in The Subway proper.

    All of the sand made for few pictures and fast travel. We did this route car-to-car in exactly 8 hours. Also, unbeknownst to us, the park closed all of the canyoneering routes down that day, so we only saw a couple of people during our hike. It was kinda nice.

    Overall, it was a fun, sandy, and memorable day with Steph and Meg.

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    Nice report. You're making me jealous with you summer adventrues. I'm getting close though.

    Das Boot and the Subway change a lot from year to year. I remember being 10' under the bowling ball and now you climb over it. The last time we did Das Boot there was only 1 rap in the canyon. Everything had been washed full of sand and was downclimbed. The power of water will never stop amazing me.

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    Das Boot and The Subway - 2016

    That's a bunch of sand...

    A LOT of sand. I was in there two weeks prior and glad I hit it before the rains.

    While some will be cleared out in the upcoming months, it won't be until the snow-melt in the spring to scour out a lot more of it.

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