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    Kings in a Day

    On July 23, 2016 at 3:54am two friends and I started at Henry’s Fork TH in an attempt to make it to the top of Kings Peak and back in a day. This was my second time doing it in a day but my 6th total time hiking it. It was both their first times hiking it in a day but they both also had previous times hiking it in 3 days. The first time I tried to hike it in a day it took me 11hrs and 15min and I was doing it solo.
    We all made good pace and stayed together at first. We made it to Elkhorn crossing at 5:44am as the sunlight was just good enough that we could turn off our headlamps. As we passed Dollar lake one of my friends started to slow and fell back. Then as we started to make the climb up to Gunsight pass the other friend started to slow and fall back. I made it to the top of Gunsight at 7:28am. We all chose to take the Highline Trail shortcut that takes you from Gunsight pass over the rocks on a direct line for Anderson Pass. This is not an easy cut but keeps you from losing elevation you gained getting up Gunsight and shortens the trip to only 25 miles total. But the trail ends quickly and you're forced to pick your own adventure rock scramble and then rock hop your way over to Anderson's pass. I made it to Anderson's pass at 8:19am then to the top of Kings Peak 13,528ft at 9:00am on the dot. I really wanted to get my total time down to 10 hours so I didn’t spend long on the top. On my way back down the ridge I passed both of my companions. They were still going strong. I stopped for a few quick grab of things out of my pack and had one short break just past Dollar Lake before the long open meadows. I just keep hiking until I made it back to the trailhead at 1:34pm. 9hrs 28min was my total time. I beat my last time and my goal of 10hrs. I don’t believe I could go any faster without flat out running/jogging it. The weather was fair that day which made it nice to hike.
    I have been planning to do this for some time in connection with me turning 40 years old. I actually met a man on top of Kings Peak that morning that was 72 years old. He had a full pack and he and his partners were headed over to the South Peak and then they were going to go down and out towards Swift Creek. His balance was weak but he was an inspiration to me of great strength.
    In preparation for this I trained with P90X3 for months. In addition I went on some canyoneering trips and went mountain biking a lot. The two things I felt that made that most difference during the hike was good hiking partners and my pack being lighter this time.
    My pack weighed 14 pounds. This is what I had in my pack or on me.
    2.5 liters of water I had a half liter left at the end
    Day Pack with Rain Protection
    Two Way Radio and extra Batteries
    Emergency shelter/bivy sack
    Small Sunblock
    Small Mosquito repellent
    Bear Bell
    Bear Spray
    Energy Food
    Small Water Filter
    Head Lamp and extra Batteries
    Rain Jacket
    Light Down Jacket
    Wool Socks
    Hiking Boots
    Long Sleeve Shirt
    Short Sleeve Shirt
    Hiking Pants w/ zip off legs
    Stocking Hat
    First Aid
    Hand Warmers
    Cellphone ‘used to capture it in Strava’
    Solar USB Charger
    Chap stick
    Leather Man
    Fire Starters
    Trekking Poles
    Small amount of Duct Tape, Ibuprofen, Whistle and TP
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    Wow! Nice job!!

    Your distance says 25.3 miles but from everything I have heard from everyone else is over 30miles.

    Was there a shortcut that you did or something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jman View Post
    Wow! Nice job!!

    Your distance says 25.3 miles but from everything I have heard from everyone else is over 30miles.

    Was there a shortcut that you did or something?

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    Yes the short cut I like to take cuts about 3 miles off the total miles. But that would still only add up to 28 miles. I have also heard it was 30 miles. But in all the times I have done it the most miles I can remember login was 29. The short cut starts at the top of Gun sight pass. It also saves you from loosing all the elevation you gained climbing up Gun Sight. There is only an obvious trail for a short distance then you have to scramble and rock hop in the direction of Anderson's pass. The normal trail route is highlighted in Yellow on the screen shot below. The blue is the GPS track I had form the first trip. I also have added a link to the actual map.

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    A thread where I asked for clarification about the length of the Kings Peak hike from Henry fork trailhead:

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