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Thread: Beretta Nano 9mm vs Glock 26 vs Ruger LC9

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    I have both a Wyatt Deep cover 637 and a Glock 26 as concealed carry guns. I love the 26 for its accuracy, and for the dependability. No matter what ammo I shoot through it I have never had a malfunction. The Wyatt is a nice gun, and even has a built-in "holster" of sorts with a little spur on the grip that acts as an in-the-waistband holster. Very secure and convenient. The trigger pull is crazy, though..and it is purely a "jam and shoot" gun for close quarters. Hard to place a shot well, especially in stress. The Glock is so accurate, I have nailed the target with it in the vital areas 50 yards out for shits and gigs. I can group them rapidly within fighting range without a thought, but I have shot Glocks a lot. I'd go with a Glock any day.

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    Thanks everybody for the feedback. I just picked up a Springfield XDS 9mm with Crimson Trace. I'm hoping to shoot some rounds tonight.

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    Cool! Good for you!
    Are we there yet?

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    I have that same package. I love it! I did end up taking the laser off after awhile. Because shooting outside you can't see the red dot. So it would throw me off shooting at the range using the laser and then switching to open sights outside.
    I found a guy that makes great ccw holsters for it. You can get one with the laser or without. I like how slim it is. This is the link

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