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Thread: The pew pew life

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    The pew pew life

    I spent the day shooting with my dad and daughter. What a great way for three generations to get together. There are not a lot of sports where that is possible. Gun control means hitting what you aim at.

    Near the end of the day we got bored and started punching holes in dimes. That's some pretty sweet shooting.

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    Nice, we are prob going out shooting tomorrow morning also. It's good for kids to be involved in safe gun use

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    Nice. I like the reference to the Pew Pew Life!
    beefcake. BEEFCAKE!

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    What gun range were you at?
    Are we there yet?

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    Nice groups!

    At what distance were the targets, dimes too?

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    We were at Lee Kay Center on the 100-yard range. The rifles were a couple of .223's and a .243. Somewhere I have a picture of a quarter my daughter shot that has three holes through the center of it. My father builds custom rifles and they really shoot when he is done with them. The black .223 has a prototype barrel from Remington and that rifle will shoot groups that are unbelievable. Unfortunately the barrel will probably never see production as they cost over $20k each to produce. Remington gave the barrel to my dad to see what he could do with it. The target shown is mine with that rifle. My daughter can actually group tighter but my eyesight is no longer good enough and that's about the best I can do these days.

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    This is my daughters handy work. That's 3 shots from a .223 through the center of a quarter.

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    That range looks so much better than the Provo one up Squaw peak I'v been going to but, it's just too far for me. I like the barriers between stations in your pics. Provo's gun range doesn't have anything and you can get pelted with ejecting brass depending on what they're shooting next to you.
    Are we there yet?

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