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Thread: Cassidy Arch update

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    Cassidy Arch update

    New First Anchor in Cassidy Arch Canyon, Capitol Reef National Park
    The Coalition of American Canyoneers was asked by Capitol Reef National Park to consult on anchors in Cassidy Arch Canyon. This canyon has seen a tremendous increase in canyoneering activity over the past couple of years. The traditional first anchor was off of a tree above the arch on canyon left. The tree is showing signs of wear and tear and there are numerous rope grooves on the rock, either from rappelling or pulling the rope. In order to mitigate this damage, canyoneers were asked to use a retrievable anchor off of the tree.
    Recently compliance with this request has been less than 100%, continuing to damage the rock and leaving a sling on the tree much of the time.
    On June 6th, CAC members Dean Brooks and Tom Jones visited the site with Capitol Reef Canyoneering Lead Ranger Josh Olsen and prepared recommendations to the Park. Consequently, Capitol Reef NP requested that a permanent bolt anchor be installed. The new anchor is just downstream of the tree on canyon left (LDC), about 20 feet towards the arch. As always, anchors of all types must be thoroughly inspected each time before use. Webbing may need to be replaced. Periodically bolts may need to be replaced; placing and replacing bolts in Capitol Reef NP requires a permit from the Park.
    Additionally, several problematic anchors have been identified downcanyon either causing rope groove damage or relying on stressed vegetation. The Park has approved replacement fixed anchors to address these issues. Installation work will proceed throughout the summer in anticipation of the fall canyon season. Until then, rappels can be made off the current anchors.
    The complete report is available on CAC's website:

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    Here are some pics of the new anchor...
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    Sweet! The location of the previously installed bolt station sucked ass.

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    Thanks for the update Sonny.

    Regardless of new anchor locations, I think it's neat that the N.P. reached out to the CAC in a formal way. Standardization is making its way through... :)

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