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Thread: Getting High in Escalante

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    Getting High in Escalante

    My wife likes to run the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon in the heat of the summer, so we make a family trip out of it. I packed a bike for my son and I to do some riding, and we hiked in to Lower Calf Creek Falls. This time I brought my DJI Phantom 4 drone and got some cool shots, or so I think.

    I also wanted to drive up to the Calf Creek Falls lookout point, and that's where I realized the Hogsback section of Highway 12 was. I remember driving this about 17 years ago in a HUGE motorhome, and just looking down each side of the road as it dropped off, I've been wanting to go back ever since.

    Here's a drone video of this section of the road, and you can see the Lower Calf Creek Falls canyon just down to the right, from the first of the video.

    More drone videos on the way including Lower Calf Creek Falls, and Red Canyon (canyon prior to Bryce Canyon).

    My wife's obligatory post race photo:

    Kids on the Mossy Cave trail, which was pretty cool, also a cool waterfall on this trail shown below.

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    Here is my ABC4 TV debut, make sure you watch until the end for the big finish

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    Not going to lie I clicked on this post to literally see people "Getting High" in Escalante lol.

    Awesome footage & even more awesome to be featured on the news !!! Thank you for sharing !!! You work that drone pretty well.

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    Ha ha, thanks. I've got one more video I'm working on, maybe next week. Here's a frame from that footage in Red Canyon

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    Here's my latest video from Red Canyon

    P.S. Soundtrack music is getting increasingly difficult to come by! I hope this one fits ok.


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