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Thread: Internet Modem / WiFi Router Combi Unit Suggestions

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    Internet Modem / WiFi Router Combi Unit Suggestions

    I don't keep up on tech gear like I know many of you do. I'm looking for suggestions for a modem/WiFi router combi unit that will work with Comcast Xfinity in the $150 range. Something newer that won't be obsolete in another year would be great. Suggestions?
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    I don't know the Comcast modem market. Surfboard has been what I've seen recommended over the years. I don't know what it's features are or how well it's been updated.

    Bestbuy has modems for Comcast and Centurylink. Go see what looks interesting. At least the one on 2100 South in SLC did last time I was in there.

    Generally, modems are not very specifically configured. They'll have mediocre antenna and not much for you to configure or control. I think a separate router is worthwhile separate from your modem, but your budget won't support that.

    How many devices will you connect. Which are wired? What standards do these devices support (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) AC is the most current standard but may not be supported in your current devices though most new ones will support AC. What do you plan on buying soon?

    What about TVs (including receiver, Blu-Ray, DVR), media servers, NAS, home automation? These are all networked now as well. Best if you can wire them for speed and security.

    How many networks will you want. Generally two wifi networks are recommended at a minimum. Your primary home coverage and a guest network. Guest networks can't access the local network services, just the internet generally. This lets you serve your guests but protect your home network. Most modern routers will support a number of simultaneous networks. The modems not so much. You might want a dedicated wifi channel for your TV connection or maybe for a Chromecast.

    How much area are you trying to cover?

    What kind of control of the internet do you want? Child access of the internet?

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    Some reading you might find of use:

    This one is a little dated:

    The Arris/Surfboard ac1800 is not in support anymore. So while it's probably the best fit for you budget, you wont' get much if any support going forward which is not what you wanted.

    Probably the one I would recommend from what I'm reading:

    But I have no experience with it.

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    For a little more money, you can get a lot more functionality than even that Arris I linked at Amazon.

    Get an inexpensive DOCSIS 3.0 modem without wifi. Like

    Then get something lik an Asus

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    Thanks for all the great info phatch! I took your advice, along with researching more, and went with a separate modem and router. For the router, I bought this Linksys: It has good reviews and the only thing that seemed to take the review star level down was the price. Lucky for me, I found one for sale on KSL. They said they bought it for their son to use at college only 6 months ago and now he's home getting ready for a mission so, they don't need it. I got a steal at $80.00. I loved your idea of a "Guest Network" since the main reason I was wanting to upgrade is I have family coming in this weekend from all over the world and I knew my old router wouldn't be able to handle everyone's cell phones, tablets and laptops. I've set up the guest network and will just give my visitors that login info. Good tip! I also liked the dedicated gigabit feature which I have linked to my Amazon Fire TV for streaming movies and games. So far this seems to be working flawlessly.
    For the modem, I've ordered this Netgear model which should be here today. I bought the little more expensive 680Mpbs 16x4 version which should future proof me for awhile.
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    Why on earth does the modem link show up and take you to Office Depot when I'm copying and pasting the Amazon link? When I go into edit it changes to Amazon but, when I hit the save button it goes back to Office Depot? Can't figure that out.
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    Now it changed itself back to the Amazon link.
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    Forum behaviour is beyond my ken.

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    interesting thread, I also have the same question

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