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Thread: Uintas Memorial Day Weekend 2016

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    Uintas Memorial Day Weekend 2016

    We took the kids up to the Uintas for some great car camping. Most of the campgrounds aren't open up higher, as they are still under snow, but the Mirror Lake Highway is open, and still makes for a great drive.

    We camped at Soapstone camground on the southern side of the Uinta range, and the kids loved it. There are still a few spots closed due to springtime flooding and high river levels though.

    We took a drive up past Mirror Lake and Bald Mountain just to see the snow levels and frozen lakes as well.

    The temps were nice when the sun was out, I felt comfortable in a T Shirt. At nights it got down in the 30s though so we made sure to bundle up in the tent, and we were fine.

    I had a couple of chances to explore with my Phantom 4 too, here is one of the videos:

    Name:  2016-05-28_19-25-31_HDR.jpg
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    Name:  2016-05-29_10-55-16_HDR.jpg
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    Here's a quick clip flying over the Provo River. Sorry, no music, too lazy to search out a fitting soundtrack.

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    Great TR info and the photos and videos look sweet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whansen View Post
    Great TR info and the photos and videos look sweet.


    KUTV aired it on Live TV and wrote up a little blurb about it here:

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    I like how they added to the report a river run off public safety announcement.

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