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Thread: Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge - Black Canyon, NV

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    Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge - Black Canyon, NV

    Does anyone know if the trail to the "Pahranagat Man" is open? It was closed last year as visitors were climbing the rocks and getting too close and touching the rock art here. It is right along the highway that cuts through the refuge. They were supposed to create a trail with barriers to protect the site while still making it accessible. I was able to get a few pictures from the road.
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    Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge is a beautiful place in the Nevada desert. There is a new visitor center, and there is camping right along the lake.
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    There were a few faint petroglyphs and pictographs on the lake side of the road which was not closed off.

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    We found one Pahranagat Man on the lake side of the road (which the person at the visitor center could not find, but he was only seasonal).
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    And with binoculars we could find the other more "famous" Pahranagat Man on the opposite side of the road in the closed area.
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    These two figures face each other on opposite sides of the stream valley. Supposedly there are more of these Pahranagat Men (petroglyphs and pictographs) in the valley and surrounding countryside in and around Lincoln County.

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    We were there about a year ago wishing to see the same petros after reading about them at another site. Turns out the author hopped the fence. Not ready to do that myself I talked to a Ranger. The main panels are on the other side of the ridge on the east side of the highway though there are a few petros on the west side along the side road. If you have a good telephoto lens you can get some shots of the high boulders on the east side of the ridge against the highway as well. So, what the Ranger told us is that the Reserve is 'Partnering" with a local tribe (about 30 miles south) over the issues of access. Translation: Likely, the glyphs will not be accessed any time soon. We've seen this before.

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