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Thread: Pineview Reservoir Wakesurfing

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    Pineview Reservoir Wakesurfing

    It's off and running! We took Dave's NEW Supra SG 550 up to Pineview last night for some great wakesurfing. This thing has a killer wake, and it's an incredibly nice boat. We all felt spoiled just riding on it.

    The water level at Pineview is topped out, because it's the first of the season of course. It's been a long time since I've seen the water this high though, and the river is roaring out of the spillway.

    Here's a video, I'll get some pictures soon. I'll keep adding to this thread all season long.

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    Here are some pictures. As incredible as the surfing wake is, the waterskiing wake is not bad either. This is the Surf Edition but it really is a versatile boat. I've got a picture of the waterskiing wake included.

    Name:  2016-05-13_19-00-06_HDR.jpg
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    Name:  2016-05-13_19-01-04_HDR.jpg
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    I'm falling behind! Here's a quick video of our attempts to get the ropeless 360 down on the surfboard, we're getting close.

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    The saga continues. We were up there again last night trying to nail this ropeless 360. We are getting really close, but it's still fun to just be surfing.

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    I'm just going to keep adding to this thread since it's all the same video every time

    The water has been great this year, tip topped out. It really gives more surfing area to the smaller lakes, and more boats can ride.

    This is from a couple of weeks ago, we are having fun on our favorite surfboard, the "Trimned Beav". It's a nice wooden board, and very fast.

    We've been heading up just about every other week in Dave's Supra, very very nice wake for surfing.

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