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Thread: 5 days on the White Rim

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    5 days on the White Rim

    Not sure whether this would fit in camping or mtn biking. I guess mountain biking won.

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    Cool, I've yet to do this. It seems like this is a popular Epic in the state.

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    Good on 'ya. I have no desire to ride it self supported. I pedaled it in 1 day about 5 years ago, supported of course.
    Are we there yet?

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    Tallsteve - After doing it 5 days, I have much respect for 1 day commuters. I think we were passed by 2 guys doing it in a day. When returning from putting in the cache I was also passed by a guy on a mtb near airport camp. I didn't catch him until the last 1/4 mile coming up Shafer. He was VERY strong.

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    It was the toughest ride I've ever done for sure. The cool thing about riding it in 5 days like you did, is you could take time to take in the views and scenery. We were pushing so hard we couldn't stop to "smell the roses". But, then again, I've Jeep'd it a couple of times so I have seen the scenery before. Riding it in 1 day is more of a punch your man card thing.
    Are we there yet?

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    Just completed the trip in 4 days. We rode through some amazing country with spectacular scenery. I would do this trip again.

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