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Thread: Where is the best place to find beta for backpacking?

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    Where is the best place to find beta for backpacking?

    Looking at trying to find new BETA for backpacking trips mostly in or around Utah.

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    I don't know of any great backpacking books, but tell us what area you are interested in and how many days you want to go for and maybe we can point you in the correct direction. You have at least three guidebook authors I know of that visit this forum, not to mention all the other talent found here from other members.

    The problem with most Utah backpacking routes is many of them can be broken up into day segments or go light and make it a long day so they are presented as day routes.

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    Looking at trying to find new BETA for backpacking trips mostly in or around Utah.
    Most of the statewide hiking books have backpacking routes in them. Examples:

    If you are looking for multi-day backpacks, the best regions in Utah are the Uinta Mountains and the more remote areas of Southern Utah. There are lots of backpacking routes there.

    Some other suggested books:
    Utah is a very special and unique place. There is no where else like it on earth. Please take care of it and keep the remaining wild areas in pristine condition. The world will be a better place if you do.

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    Mostly looking at the High Uintah's for 1 night to 1 week trips.

    I really wish there're were better backpacking beta sites like there is with canyoneering with GPS points, step by step driving directions, beautiful waypoints & water accessibility. Everything I find is on paper or is spread out between different blogs & websites.

    Thank you guys for the input !!!

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    Here is a god place to start for Uinta information. Most of these trips can be converted to backpacking routes.

    Uinta Mountains

    I also consider Zion Narrows and Buckskin Gulch to be must do backpack trips.

    Zion Narrows

    Buckskin Gulch

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    Thank you for the input !!! I would love to do the Narrows, however I can never get the permit. Buckskin gulch is on my to do list.

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    Personally I like Parunuweap more than the Narrows as it's more remote. There is a good chance you will not encounter anyone else in the canyon. That would never happen in The Narrows. Also no permit is required for Parunuweap.

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    Deep Creek is another Zion backpack. The kicker is you can usually get the required Narrows permit several days ahead and before they are allotted for The Narrows because it's a multi-day route. Or you can make your last camp just before the park boundary.

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    Thank you again !!! Can't wait to knock these off my list.

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    Another vote for The Barracks. Absolutely stunning and, as Iceaxe noted, no permit required.

    Here are a couple other great resources for backpacking trips in and around Zion:

    Favorite Hikes In and Around Zion National Park (by our own Bo Beck and Tanya Milligan Myers)
    (also check out the main website for more online hikes)

    Joe Braun's Guide to Zion National Park:

    I just used some of Joe's hiking beta for an overnight trip into Crawford Canyon (then made my own way out to Gifford Canyon the next day).

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    You and I really need to make the "looooong" trek across the back yards and sit down for a backpacking and canyoneering beta and BBQ session! Haha

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