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Thread: Sandthrax camp airstrip

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    Sandthrax camp airstrip

    Hi all,
    If anyone is going by car to Sandthrax, I could do with a Recce of the airstrip close to the Sandthrax campsite. [I have called it the Sandtrax airstrip; it has no official name]. You may see from the attached GE image that it's close to the 95/276 junction.

    It's probably over 2 years now since I have driven along it, so I would like to ask if anyone in the area over the next 5 weeks or so could have a look at for me, and take some pictures.

    (above: GE image). It's now part of a road, but was one of the many airstrips created during the mining boom of the 40's and 50's, and it still exists as a runway.

    The photo below is what it looked like in Sep 2013, when I last saw it.

    If it is safe to drive down it at 40mph in an average car, without bumping your head on the roof, I'd appreciate a report.

    Best wishes,


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    Aww, I was just there last weekend. Wish I'd known, would have checked it out for you.

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    I'll be there in about 4 weeks time.

    I'd also like to land on Highway 95 and park next to Shane's sign for a photo, but it'll have to be a very short stop before the Utah Highway Patrol Constables come along and shoo me along.


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    It took me until 2017 to achieve my small ambition. I chickened out on landing on 95 (too many witnesses), but I did do a "touch-and-go" at what I call "Sandthrax" airstrip near the 95/276 intersection.

    This is in a 65hp a VW beetle with no excess power at all, but despite the density altitude performed quite well!

    Go to to 3:11 for Sandthrax strip; just keep going for a few more seconds to the end to see who's not waving from the Irish canyons, miserable bastards


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    I drove down your "airstrip" about 2 months ago doing about 50 mph. I don't recall any potholes or dips. Scott Matthys was in the car behind me and able to keep up which suggest it wasn't just my crazy driving. I was actually surprised at the condition of the strip.

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    When I flew past the campsite, it looked an awful lot better than when I had last been there by road (I think 2014) when it washed away by a flash-flood?).

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    I still want to land on that road at Sandthrax and park up. Maybe next year.


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