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Thread: Looking for Los Angeles area canyoneering partner(s)

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    Looking for Los Angeles area canyoneering partner(s)

    Hello everyone, noob here with a 3-day technical training course* under his belt from ATS AdventureWorks looking for a partner or partners to explore Los Angeles** area canyons - particularly the San Gabriels. Iím eager to get out there, but not dumb enough to do it alone, so let me know if youíre interested in teaming up!

    * Also have several years of climbing experience (though itís a bit in the past) so Iím more familiar with some of the gear/techniques than a total novice. And I often backpack for several days at time elsewhere in California, so Iím in good shape for hiking. Have all of my own gear including rope.

    ** Iím located in Culver City / West LA, to be more exact

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    yeah, i've seen the meetup. it looks geared towards uber adventure alumni and is always full, but I will checkout that facebook page. thanks!

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    I'm also very interested in canyoneering in the San Gabriels (and elsewhere). I've done a few canyons in SG, Utah, and AZ. I have all my own stuff. I've had several days' training and also climb, hike, backpack. I live in Moorpark. Maybe we could try an "easy" canyon, like Bailey and see how it goes?

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    let's do it! sorry i didn't respond sooner, been a busy month. how about sometime in the next few weeks? maybe the first two weekends in december 3-4 or 10-11? i was thinking we might try something in big tujunga area which would actually be a little closer to you. i'll be coming from culver city.

    and i've done a number of canyons since i posted that thread. have plenty of gear too.


    let me know and i'll send you a message with my contact info
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    Check with the Valencia Hiking Club. They do mostly intermediate level hiking, but a few slots as well.

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