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Thread: Christmas Mountaineering in Colorado

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    Christmas Mountaineering in Colorado


    This is the story of our 2015 Christmas trip spent in the Colorado mountains, more specifically in the southern ramparts of the spectacular Gore Range. We stayed in one of the 10th Mountain Huts and climbed some peaks in super challenging conditions. A cold front bringing a blast of arctic air was forecast to come through, but we decided to go anyway. Participants were Shaylee, my 11 year old daughter; Kessler, my 13 year old son; and Kimberly, my young and beautiful wife.

    High on the ridge of Jacque Peak. December 26 2015.

    December 24: To Janet's Cabin

    After a challenging drive through a blizzard the night before, Kim, Kessler, Shaylee, and I started up towards Janet's Cabin, one of the 10th mountain division huts. Under cloudy skies, we tried to snowshoe fast because of the approaching storm. It was a very cold storm system and it was definitely quite cold on the approach.

    Since we were on snowshoes, we had to hike up through the Copper Mountain resort before finding the route into the dense forest and up the valley.

    We made good time, stopping only once since it was too cold to stop for very long anyway. We arrived at the hut just before the storm hit.

    Enroute to Janet's cabin, one of the 10th Mountain Huts in Colorado on December 24, 2015. Because of the approaching storm, we moved rather expeditiously.

    We were worried about the avalanche danger for the peak climbs, so we decided to use careful route selection and to check conditions carefully.

    December 25: Elk Mountain in a Blizzard

    The weather was very cold and stormy, with poor visibility and snow falling, but I wanted to get out and climb Elk Mountain and Sugarloaf Peak. No one else wanted to go, so I set up alone. The trail was broken by some skiers up to a hill above the hut. Above that, I broke trail up to Searle Pass and then the conditions became brutal with the high winds. The chill factor was around -40F/-40C on the new chart, but it was still snowing horizontally.

    I made my way up the ridge towards Elk Mountain with poor visibility, but every once in a while I could see part of the mountain briefly. Even though visibility was poor, I could see what I took for a very steep slope or cornice on the way to a false summit, but when I got there, it turned out to be not bad. I made my way over the false summits and to the final push up Elk Mountain, which was quite steep considering the conditions.

    Some partial clearing during the blizzard allowed me to have some brief views from the Elk Mountain ridge.

    At the summit of Elk Mountain, I didn't get any views and decided not to continue any further. I couldn't see anything and was worried getting lost in the whiteout. Besides, it was absolutely brutal and I was freezing cold.

    This is about the only view I got of Elk Mountain.

    I descended the same way. One the way back, there were several snow slumps, but that was in areas not steep enough to slide. I avoided any slide danger by staying on the ridge-tops for the ascent.

    The evening was spent playing games (mostly) Uno, telling stories, and having a good time.

    December 26: Jacque Peak Under High Winds and Cold Temperatures

    We awoke to -24F (-31C) at the mountain hut. The skies were mostly sunny though. Kessler and I set off for the summit of Jacque Peak, 13,211 feet/4027 meters elevation.

    Janet's Cabin, one of the backcountry huts in Colorado on a cold morning (-24F/-31C).

    Enroute to Searle Pass.

    If you look closely, you can see Janet's Cabin, a backcountry hut in the southern Gore Range of Colorado and located right at timberline.

    Since I had broken the trail to Searle Pass the day before, we made faster time to the pass than I did on the previous day. Once we were at the pass, it was windy and cold again.

    Approaching Searle Pass.

    Near Searle Pass.

    Looking back from Searle Pass along our route up to the pass.

    My pole marks Searle Pass, the only rest we took enroute to the summit of Jacque Peak.

    After a very brief break at the pass to get some water, we headed up the ridge towards Jacque Peak. The ridge had pretty good snow conditions, but there were a few places where the snow was deep and a few place where the wind had blown off the snow leaving exposed rock.

    Elk Mountain and Sugarloaf Peak as seen from the ridge leading to Jacque Peak.

    Kessler was moving faster than me, but he would have to find a place sheltered from the wind in order to wait for me since it was so cold.

    High on the ridge leading to Jacque Peak.

    Approaching the false summit of Jacque Peak.

    The ridge seemed much longer than expected and when we got to the major false summit (almost a mountain in itself), at 12,660 feet, it was disheartening to see how much further the summit still was. We also had to descend a fair distance before climbing up towards the true summit.

    Jacque Peak stands tall and proud as seen from the false summit.

    Kessler stands on top of Peak 12,660, which is a false summit of Jacque Peak.

    Looking back at the false summit of Jacque Peak.

    The route to the summit was also more difficult than we expected and we had some steep rock scrambling, which was tedious since there were areas of soft snow between the rocks.

    Kessler scouts out the final approach to the summit of Jacque Peak.

    The final push to Jacque Peak.

    Eventually we made our way up another false summit and to the true summit. It was a hard earned summit, but the wind was just screaming. I calculated the windchill to be -54F (-48C) on the new chart and -81F (-63C) on the old!

    Kessler on the summit of Jacque Peak, 13,211 feet (4027 meters) December 26 2015. When I snapped this photo, the windchill was -54F (-48C) on the new chart and -81F (-63C) on the old!

    Looking east at the Tenmile Range as seen from the summit of Jacque Peak.

    Kessler on the summit of Jacque Peak.

    We didn't spend much time on the summit, but got a hot drink (we had brought it up in a thermos) and ate a very brief lunch. Other than our brief break at Searle Pass, this was our only rest.

    The views were absolutely spectacular and we could see much of the Gore Range and Sawatch, as well as the other surrounding mountain ranges. Still, with the cold, we didn't spend much time on the summit. We headed back down the mountain using the same route, but we found a better way through the rock scrambling section and avoided much of it.

    It was a very spectacular climb, but very cold, and the ridge was much longer than we thought it would be. The rest of the group was happy to see us when we stumbled into the cabin.

    It stayed well below zero all day, even at the cabin.
    December 27: Homeward Bound

    It was still cold, but not nearly as cold as the day before. The temperature even rose above zero. We packed up and had a sunny snowshoe down the packed trail and to the vehicle.

    Returning from the mountains after a four day trip.

    Almost home after enjoying/enduring a four day trip up in the mountains.

    It was a bit chilly at times, and the trip was challenging, but it was still a great experience.
    Utah is a very special and unique place. There is no where else like it on earth. Please take care of it and keep the remaining wild areas in pristine condition. The world will be a better place if you do.

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