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I'd love to pile on byu here, but screw the NCAA. I think every player should be able to get what they can. The sham that is amateurism in college football and basketball needs to end. Coaches make millions, schools make millions, tv makes millions, advertisers pay and make millions, Rose Bowl tickets are $250 a pop, but somehow if a kid gets a free meal or two he's a bad guy? Terrell Pryor goes down in flames because he sells his jersey, but Ohio State offers its donors the chance to attend dinner with players for $5,000 a head. How is that fair? Alabama is investing $600 million into their facilities. That is the equivalent of paying every member of their football team $50k a year for 100 years, but somehow if you pay players the system will fail?

I'd like to see the NCAA go to an Olympics style of amateurism, where the player are able to get paid from sponsors and donors. Doesn't cost the school a thing but at least the players are able to profit from their talents. I think they call that capitalism.
While I agree with pretty much all of this, I think the NCAA's take is that if the players get financially compensated while enrolled then that will become the focus of their college experience. It would detract from them getting an education.

Besides, if you're good enough to attract sponsors while in college then you're most likely good enough to be playing professionally upon graduation anyways.