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Thread: BYU Football 2016

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    Does anyone think Taysom Hill coming back is a good idea?

    Mangum and Hill require two completely different offenses to be totally effective. Not to mention Hill is extremely injury prone.

    BYU had better use and enjoy Mangum while they have him as I will be surprised if he stays for his senior year as that kid has NFL talent.

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    ^^^ I was thinking the same thing. I was surprised to see Taysom coming back.

    I don't see the point in it. He'll more than likely play only half the season at best.

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    BYU Football related. (Max Hall Recovery)

    Thought this was a good read.

    Although many Ute fans had fun talking trash about the whole issue, for the most part what I've seen is support. I'm sure even the trash talkers would agree that Max Hall's recovery is more important than any rivalry and would be supportive regardless of the foolish things he said in the past.

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    What's up with the Cougar fans in this forum? Where'd they all go? I had to brush off an inch of dusty cobwebs once I stepped into this thread.

    Anyways, what's the collective opinion of the team so far? And is the coaching staff doing the right thing by keeping Mangum on the bench all season?

    I think the Cougs are a few mistakes away from a winning record. They could have beaten Utah and UCLA, and gave the Mountaineers a real scare there in the fourth quarter. If Taysom hadn't of thrown that interception there at the end the final result may have been a W.

    I think they should consider playing Mangum - their offense is tailor made for him.

    I also think they should drop all of this nonsense about wanting to join the Big 12. They look desperate. It's kind of pathetic, and it makes them look bad. Just stay focused on building up the program, and whipping up on everyone else from the Big 5 conferences.

    I admire that BYU has scheduled so many tough teams this year...and it's not gonna get too much easier with Boise State and Michigan State on the road.

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    Mangum is the future of BYU. Not starting him was/is a poor choice in my opinion. Not to mention Hill can't throw the ball.

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    New prediction - If the Big 12 expands BYU will be left out. The cougars look good from the outside but just have to much baggage. It's like meeting a super hot chick at the bar and taking her home, but in the morning you discover she is divorced with four kids, lives with her parents and has a bat shit crazy ex-husband.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    Mangum is the future of BYU. Not starting him was/is a poor choice in my opinion. Not to mention Hill can't throw the ball.

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    Finally a Bogley topic I feel like I have some true insight on lol !!! I have been a BYU season ticket holder since before I was alive lol.

    With new coaching staff & a potentially dynamic football team hopes were high for this football season. Hopes were quickly diminished when people realized Taysom Hill is not the same Hill that played in the past 3 years. I'm going to do some QB bashing here so be warned. Hill has put on over 20 pounds since last season & you can see it when he scrambles & attempts to run. He's slower & not nearly as athletic as he used to be. He hesitates when in the pocket & scrambles WAY to early when there is not pressure. He does not know how to check down his receivers. When he does throw the ball it has no accuracy which was obvious when he walked away with (7 I think) interceptions in the past 3 weeks alone. I truly believe that Hills is the root of all your problems this year & I will gladly elaborate on why.

    Defenses do not respect Hill as a passing QB which allows them to stack the box. This completely shuts down the run game, requiring BYU to win with the passing game, which Hill does not have. Our poorly ran offense requires the defense to be on the football field 75% of the game. Eventually your defense will screw up or tire.

    If you look at BYU's 3 losses this year we have lost by under 10 points total combining all 3 games. During the UCLA game & Utah game the defense gave our offense the ball within field goal range, then the offense goes backwards putting us out of field goal range. Thats rather pathetic that we literally would have beat UCLA if our offense had taken a knee 3 times & let our field goal unit take the field.

    As per Ice Axes comment, I truly believe that Tanner Mangum is the better quarterback. Magnum is the Tom Brady & Peyton Manning. Stand back in the pocket & let her rip. Make the defense pay for the blitz & spread the ball around the field. Meanwhile Hill is the RGIII or Tim Tebow. You look great when you make a couple great plays & make a couple good games, but eventually your going to get hurt, your a high risk player, & you turn the ball over. This BYU season is already gone to shit. I hope they red shirt Mangum so we can have him for 3 more years (if he doesn't transfer) & build our offense around him.

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    I'm really shocked that Mangum hasn't transferred to a team that would not hesitate to start him every game. There's gotta be a list of teams out there willing to bring him aboard and have him pilot their offense.

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    Another thing that surprises me is that I keep reading on message boards and sports articles about how "Taysom has returned to playing to his potential, the old Taysom Hill is back." And I keep asking myself...which games are they watching? Because at least two of their losses could easily be attributable to Taysom's mistakes.

    Devil's advocate: If the Cougars lose to Toledo, does the coaching staff finally consider a change in the offensive scheme?

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    Red shirting Mangum is a waste of time because he will not be at BYU for three years. I expect him to play two and then declare for the draft if things fall his way.

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    Dear Sitake: That's how you do two-point conversions.

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    Williams breaks BYU single game rushing record. Krazy.

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    The problem with that win is now Hill will keep the starting job. It was a fun game to watch with over 100 points scored. Kinda like watching Madden video football. It was certainly more fun than watching Washington steam roll Stanford.

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    Neither team had any defense crazy game.

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    I knew Toledo was doomed on BYU 's final drive when they immediately went into a prevent you from winning defense. The minute Toledo rush 3 and drop everyone else into coverage it was a done deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    The problem with that win is now Hill will keep the starting job.
    That's exactly what I was thinking. If Williams played an average game, Toledo would've destroyed the Cougs. Hill only threw one TD, and didn't have any rushing TDs. Williams saved Hill's bacon, and prolonged his starting position. Next week's game at Michigan State should be interesting...

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    BYU looked really good today hammering Michigan State.

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    Yeah the Cougars held MSU to just 206 yards of total offense. Williams rushed for almost that many yards himself. Impressive ass kicking by the boys in blue.

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    The Cougars are favored by a touchdown over a less-than-average Mississippi State squad tomorrow in Provo.

    Considering how bad the Bulldogs suck this year together with a BYU team that has found some fresh confidence after a victory in East Lansing last week, I can see the Cougars destroying Mississippi State by at least two or three touchdowns.

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