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Thread: Utah Football 2016

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    Utah Football 2016

    2016 Schedule

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    I'm so excited for the SUU Thunderbird's coming to town.... NOT!

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    Warming up with 3 FCS teams I see! WEAK! ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kent K25 View Post
    Warming up with 3 FCS teams I see! WEAK! ;)
    We shall see how week after this weekend's bowl game. What, then, will a loss say about Utah?
    Only Dead Fish Go With The Flow

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    Utah Football 2016


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    On to 2016.... anyone know where Utah can beg, borrow or steal an offensive from?

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    When Troy Williams signed Mannings future was sealed....

    ....and you will never see Chase Hansen at QB again as he has his sights on the NFL and playing DB is his ticket.


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    It looks like Utah's big off season move to improve the offense is to replace the WR coach (Stubblefield)... heavy sigh...

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    Interview with Troy Williams OC from Santa Monica College:

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    I don't believe players are going to fix the Utah offense as I believe it's the basic philosophy that is flawed and needs to be changed. Great players (like Booker) can mask the problem but it's going to take more than that to fix the anemic offense.

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    They wont have to fix much if the defense stays strong, which it should. They were 1 win away from the outright south title and 2 wins away from the Pac-12 championship.

    Not fun to watch, but the Ravens and many other teams have won championships based on defense.

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    Nothing is wrong with the D, but just imagine if they had even a mediocre offense.

    And now you sound like a BYU fan with the one game away stuff. Utah got the PAC 12 sixth place bowl, nuff said....

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    Utah Football 2016

    The bowl they got had very little to do with their record.

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    SUU in week one?! Seriously?

    I guess the upshot is I'll be planning a trip to Vegas to bet my entire life savings on Utah for the opener.

    Maybe I'll retire early...:)

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    Utah Football 2016

    Utah defensive coordinator Pease retires, Scalley takes over


    Utah defensive coordinator John Pease has retired, according to the school, and special teams coordinator and safeties coach Morgan Scalley has taken over the position.

    Pease, 72, served as the Utes' defensive coordinator for just one season, but has been with Utah since 2009. He began his coaching career at Utah in 1968 and made stops throughout college and the NFL before coming back to Salt Lake City.

    Scalley, a Utah grad in 2004, has been with the program in a coaching role since 2006. He was the team's recruiting coordinator from 2009-2014.

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    The revolving door that is the Utah football coaching staff...

    If you don't like the Utes coaching staff, wait 6 months.

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