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Thread: Trango Cinch -- any lefties using it?

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    Trango Cinch -- any lefties using it?

    Not a noob -- at least to Bogley -- I hang out and read in canyoneering forum 99% of time. Since I live in TX, got tired of canyons being so far and have taken up rock climbing, since a local group (Texas Mountaineers) provides training and organized club climbs in TX and OK, and many individuals organize private trips for climbing to other places (AR, Red Rocks, Rocky Mtn NP, etc)

    I actually bought a Trango Cinch primarily because I wanted to use it in a auto-belay system for solo climbing (not my original idea -- see various Internet threads). However, I thought I would also consider using it for belaying top rope climbers. I am left-handed, so I use my left hand as my brake hand for rappelling, belaying, etc.

    Here is the instruction video:

    I did read some thread (somewhere on Internet) where someone said that this device worked fine for left handers. Of course, in the threads discussing it I have consulted, there is no discussion of any difficulties for lefties. It is kind of confusing to me because in the video above (e.g., at the 26 second mark, again at 1:34 etc) the device is oriented horizontally (to feed the rope out), though it is less often oriented vertically with the lever at the top (for rappelling, for lowering). IIRC, in Trango's instructions, there is no discussion of left-hand use, and no illustrate of such use in the instruction video posted above. Since the device is not symmetrical, I assume you can't just flip it over.

    Do any lefties on this forum use it, or do you have friends who are lefties who use it? I am having trouble "picturing it in my mind" -- would you just orient the device horizontally for left-hand use???? Thanks.

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