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Thread: Looking for a good Margarita Near Hurricane.

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    Looking for a good Margarita Near Hurricane.

    On a wild hair, I talked 3 of my friends into buying plane tickets to Las Vegas over Thanksgiving! We'll be in Zion Friday through Monday.

    We're headed up to Hurricane to stay as base camp for hiking Zion, and surrounding area. I had to promise my friends that there's a place that has good margaritas for our after hike libation but the last time I was there I ate at Oscar's Cafe in Springdale and the margaritas were tiny and weak.

    Was hoping someone had any suggestions. Doesn't have to be in Springdale since we're staying in Hurricane. We can even drive into St. George if the Margaritas are worth it.

    I've been in and around Zion many times but my three friends have never been so it will be a treat for them, Just want to make the after hike as enjoyable.


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    Bit and Spur's marg's are "ok"...

    Hit Lee's Liquor in Mesquite before you get to Utah, pick up a fifth of good tequila. Then, stop at the grocery store in Her'kin and pick up some Simply Lime and some fresh squeezed oj (or nearest you can find). Get some ice and a couple of cups. Use a nalgene bottle as a shaker. Mix the tequila and lime, shake, pour over ice in a cup, float some of that oj on it. Tada.

    The marg's at Pancho and Lefty's in the 'Gizzle aren't too bad.

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    I believe margaritas are the fruity girly drinks my wife and her friends make when they sit around and do each others nails, talk about their kids and bitch about their husbands.

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    The Spotted Dog has incrediable margaritias. Best in town! :-)

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