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Thread: San Rafael Fall 2015

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    San Rafael Fall 2015

    After a quick two-day turnaround between camping trips, on Tuesday I was on my way south for the semi-annual San Rafael geocaching event near Temple Mountain. It was my first chance to utilize the hitch carrier for my motorcycle on the back of the camp trailer, and it was unnerving driving without being able to see the bike. I stopped a couple of times to check on the dirt bike, including a stop at the Iron Wash bridge on UT-24 to watch a nice flash flood that was likely the result of the storm I'd run between Woodside and Green River. My planned campsite was flooded with runoff so I set up a few hundred feet away at sundown.

    Ready to roll out with the DR-Z250 on the camp trailer

    Iron Wash flash flood

    Flooded campsite

    Home for the next five nights

    On Wednesday morning I hiked with the dogs around the base of the San Rafael Reef south of South Temple Wash. I didn't find anything terribly interesting, though I did stop to check in on a metate that I'd discovered a year earlier and was pleased to find it still hidden where I'd left it. A short motorcycle ride that afternoon took me to an interesting prospect listed on the USGS topo map just a couple of miles from camp.

    Torrey and Boulder during an easy hike on Wednesday

    Metate where I left it a year after I discovered it

    Ravens near camp


    Prospect listed on the USGS topo map

    Boulder and Torrey in the camp trailer


    Wednesday's sunset

    M-O-O-N, that spells moon

    I awoke to a thick layer of fog on Thursday. I postponed a planned hike until it cleared up a bit. I hiked to the top of the San Rafael Reef on the north side of South Temple Wash. On the way I found an arrowhead in a wash in almost the exact same spot I'd found one 3.5 years earlier. Just as I reached the high point I noticed two airplanes approaching from the east that buzzed me a few hundred feet overhead. In the afternoon I rode my motorcycle on the pavement to the Little Wild Horse Canyon trailhead. The dirt road beyond the trailhead was badly washed out and too muddy for a bike, so I did a slippy-slidey u-turn and headed back to camp. Ken and Jan arrived that afternoon and Terry and Karen showed up after dark. Some intense-looking clouds passed overhead in the evening without dropping much moisture, though Terry and fam drove through a bad storm in about the same place I had two days earlier.

    Foggy Thursday morning

    Ooh, a pretty rock!

    Snow on the Henry Mountains

    Capitol Reef spotlighting with Boulder Mountain in the distance

    Temple Mountain peeking out over the Reef


    One of two planes that buzzed me

    Flat Top above South Temple Wash

    Wild Horse Butte

    Roll cloud looming above the San Rafael Reef

    Snow on Mt. Ellen

    Rainbow north of camp

    Some hippies walked into our camp on Friday morning and asked for help getting their car unstuck in North Temple Wash. Terry took his 4-wheeler there to pull them out while I rode my motorcycle and looked for some inscriptions in the narrow part of the canyon. After lunch I rode with Terry on the Orange and Green trails. It was my first experience riding desert singletrack. The trails were moderately challenging for me--the only difficult parts were (1) trying to keep up with Terry and (2) one ledgy dropoff on the Orange Trail that sketched me out and took me a couple of minutes to build up the nerve to make the drop. We rode around Temple Mountain and picked up a couple of geocaches on our way back to camp. Traci arrived with the kids that afternoon and I got quite a shock when I saw the Jeep pull up with Traci in the passenger seat. I couldn't see who was driving until the Jeep stopped and Michael stepped out of the driver's door! He's only 14 years old and already has the itch to learn to drive, so Traci let him drive on the short dirt road into camp. A few more people showed up that evening and the following morning, bringing our grand total to 13 people in attendance.

    Friday at camp

    North Temple Wash

    Inscription in North Temple Wash: USGS

    Inscription in North Temple Wash: Warren Allred, Jan. 6, 1914

    Inscription in North Temple Wash: J.D. Gillies 10-16-1914

    Washed road into upper Farnsworth Canyon

    DR-Z250 on the Orange Trail

    Junction of Orange and Green trails

    Twin Knolls

    Trail 842

    Cows near Taylor Flat

    Awesome geocache container

    Temple Mountain

    Mine shaft at Temple Mountain

    Temple Mountain mining relics

    It was a laid-back day on Saturday. I drove solo to Molly's Castle to find a few geocaches while everyone else did their own thang. In the evening we had a wonderful potluck dinner, for which I grilled a couple racks of pork ribs that I'd slow-cooked in the oven at home before the trip. We did the usual blowing up of large cans of vegetables in the camp fire, and Chris and I pulled some shenanigans on a neighboring camp by walking in the dark through their loud bunch of young adults while trying not to be noticed.

    Molly's Castle

    Molly's Castle

    Leaving Molly's Castle

    A high-stakes game of Skip-Bo

    Sweet peas in the fire

    Everyone boogied out on Sunday. We took the kids to a geocache in South Temple Wash before packing up camp and heading home. I'd been disappointed on Saturday when I realized I'd be going home the following day, but on Sunday I was actually ready for a shower and to sleep in my own bed.

    Sunday's sunrise

    South Temple Wash

    Photo Gallery: San Rafael Fall 2015
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