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Thread: Perry Canyon

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    Perry Canyon

    I headed up Perry Canyon yesterday, solo and for the first time just to check it out.

    Have you ever had one of those rides where you couldn't make any progress up the hill because you were too busy taking pictures? That was this ride. There were some cool color spots.

    In general looking at the mountainside as a whole, it looks brown and dead. But if you get up close, you'll find the reds and oranges still, mixed with greens.

    I didn't make it too far up, maybe just a couple of miles and it started to rain, and I didn't really know where I was going, nor did I feel like falling and getting injured by myself in the rain, as there were a few exposed spots. Nothing rough, just steep drops to the side.

    In all, it seems like a good trail. The split off to White Rock could be a good trail but it could really use some more riding, as the trail is almost all overgrown.

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    Perry is a BEAST! If you go to the top, it's something like 7 miles and 3800 vertical feet of climbing. It's a very fun downhill, but not super fast with all the ridiculously tight switchbacks. That's a lot of bike to get up that trail. Good work.

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    Yeah I found out quick that it's a grind uphill. I admit, I only went up a few miles. I was delayed from taking a lot of photos, looking around and asking for directions too. I did split off where white Rock went right and grizzly peak went left

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    But I found that the white Rock trail was really skinny and almost covered up with foliage, it might not get a lot of traffic.

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    I came to a spot where I expected to keep climbing, but it turned downhill, so I stopped, looked around to see if I missed a turn, and then it started raining so I called it a day and headed down.

    I decided to try out my new armor as well since I was on the big bike and was solo, I hate getting hurt alone. I quickly found out how hot that gear can get even this time of year.

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