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Thread: Kokanee Salmon Run

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    Kokanee Salmon Run

    We weren't fishing, just went up to see the Kokanee at Causey.

    Trip Report here

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    Nice video, 'Beech. I see nothing wrong with your method of recording it, as others mentioned over on UWN.

    Seriously, that lake needs less kokes and I actually hope you crushed some eggs. Even if you didn't, I liked the video.
    Lost On A Hill

    Utah Water Log

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    Thanks. So there are too many Kokanee up at Causey, huh? Are people just not catching them, because they just fish for Trout, while the Salmon aren't taking that kind of bait?

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    Kokanee fishing is pretty specialized. You'll catch plenty of trout while targeting them, but using typical trout methods, you won't catch many kokes.

    They're plankton feeders, mostly. From what I understand, the kokanee in Causey aren't very big. Did you see any over 16" or near that size?
    Lost On A Hill

    Utah Water Log

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    Nah, probably 14" at best

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