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Thread: Lake Powell - Stanton Creek

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    Lake Powell - Stanton Creek

    I bought a new camp trailer in May and finally this past weekend got a chance to use it. The old toy hauler was great for when we had ATVs, but the new trailer (which is actually older than the previous one) has more built-in storage and has enough permanent bunks that we no longer have to fold the beds up and down every day. The kids each have their own bunk in the rear and Traci and I have a bedroom in the front. It's a 2002 Fleetwood Pioneer 24-footer, and weighs almost 1,000 pounds less than the 21' toy hauler. For its maiden voyage we went to the Stanton Creek primitive camping area near Bullfrog at Lake Powell. I took half a day off work and we hit the road before noon. I drove the truck and Traci followed in the Jeep with the canoe on top, and we stopped for fuel and french fries at Stan's in Hanksville. When the gravel road into Stanton Creek turned into a rough dirt road I got into the Jeep and scouted ahead until we found a nice campsite. The kids stayed there while Traci and I returned to retrieve the truck and trailer. It started raining during the drive back to camp, so I drove faster than I was comfortable with just so the boys wouldn't be out in the rain for too long. I managed not to run the trailer aground but some of its contents ended up on the floor. We set up camp and began exploring our surroundings.

    Camp after arriving and setting up

    The dogs explore their new surroundings while Bradley picks up trash from a very trashy campsite

    In the evening I grilled some dinner and then the sun made a dazzling appearance just before disappearing behind the horizon. While my family and I sat on the shore enjoying the light show to the west we almost missed another show behind us--a bright double rainbow! Chris and Dollie joined us later and we all chilled around the camp fire until late into the night.

    Torrey at sunset

    Colorful, stormy sunset

    The whole family enjoying sunset

    Bradley and the sunset

    Double rainbow

    Truck and trailer at night

    Chris sparkin' one up

    The dogs were restless early on Saturday so I let them out of the trailer for a short walk and caught the sun as it rose. I got a little more sleep, then we all had breakfast and started swimming and paddling in the lake. The clouds cleared up throughout the day and the humidity went down, making it warmer but more comfortable than the previous day. Chris and I took the canoe to an island a short distance from camp and Dollie followed in a kayak. Boulder and especially Torrey spent most of both days chasing after tiny fish in the shallow water, though I don't think either of them ever caught one. That night we turned our backs to the fire and saw a lot of meteors, satellites, and distant lightning.

    Cloudy morning

    Slight color from the sunrise on Saturday

    Paddling the canoe full of kids and dogs

    Using the dogs as ballast while I paddled solo

    Boats on our own private beach

    On an island looking back toward camp

    Traci, Dollie, and Chris in the water

    Boulder and Dollie

    Bradley paddling

    Chris and Dollie conked out in the afternoon heat

    The Sphinx just before sunset

    Big wall near Hall's Crossing with Navajo Mountain towering in the distance

    Shells and pebbles on the beach

    The Sphinx and colorful sky

    Sunday was much like Saturday, with everyone playing in the water some more. Chris and Dollie had a longer drive so they left early in the afternoon. My family and I took our time packing up camp and rolled out by mid-afternoon. Despite taking it more slowly on the drive out, the trailer dragged at one spot and left some deep gouges in the dirt. Luckily none of the leveling jacks were damaged. The truck averaged 8.5 MPG, though with diesel being relatively cheap right now it wasn't too expensive a trip. I'm not a fan of driving long distances but it's worth it perhaps every couple of years for a trip to Lake Pal. :)

    More paddling on Sunday morning

    Leaving Lake Powell

    Photo Gallery: Lake Powell - Stanton Creek
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    Nice spot, beautiful pics - thanks!

    We're planning to paddle our SUPS down from Hite to Bullfrog, and Stanton Creek looks like a nice take-out/camping spot.
    Hope this part of Powell, being up-lake, is not affected by the Gold King Mine spill into the Animus and San Juan Rivers.

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