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Thread: Cedar Point June 22, 2015

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    Cedar Point June 22, 2015

    This did require 4WD and high clearance to access, otherwise about 5 miles from pavement to 2 track closest to Cedar Point, then about 2/3 mile of bushwhacking across the desert.Name:  gate near Cedar Point.jpg
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    Name:  2 track near Cedar Point.jpg
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    Where we "parked"
    Name:  Parking at Cedar Point.jpg
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    All of the panels that we found we were located on boulders at or near the base of the cliffs.

    Name:  Terri searching.jpg
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    Name:  boulder w: glyph.jpg
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    We found quite a few duck-headed anthropomorphic glyphs as well.

    Name:  closeup duckhead and ghost.jpg
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    Name:  closeup 1.jpg
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    Name:  Cedar Point.jpg
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    Name:  birdman and duck head.jpg
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    This panel was interesting as these long figures were horizontal. Most other similar figures i have seen at other sites were vertical.

    Name:  horizontal.jpg
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    Name:  grid calendar.jpg
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    Name:  geometrics.jpg
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    Name:  last closeup.jpg
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    The small glimmer in the center is my truck.
    Though we spent over 3 hours here, I am sure we could have found a lot more than we did. It was getting hot (100+) and we had Johnís Canyon Road to check out as well. This is only a sampling of the pictures I took that day.
    Name:  truck in distance.jpg
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    Great photographs!

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