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Thread: Sardine Peak to Wheeler Canyon - 2015 Season

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    Sardine Peak to Wheeler Canyon - 2015 Season

    Been up only a few times this year, had a rough start trying to wait out the constant rain in April/May, but now the Snowbasin trails are dry as a bone and getting a bit dusty.

    This fall we need to get you Salt Lake and Utah County boys up here to do a huge shuttle ride. In the fall colors, this trail just can't be beat.

    Here are some shots from last night

    Name:  2015-06-25_19-02-52_HDR.jpg
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    Name:  2015-06-25_19-07-16_HDR.jpg
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    Name:  2015-06-25_19-33-05_HDR.jpg
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    Name:  2015-06-25_20-14-46_HDR.jpg
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    It's true from time to time, the first part of this ride can get a little crowded, mainly the Ogden Overlook section. It wasn't nearly this bad last night though.

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    The next night after the previous video was good.

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    This was shot in early spring, so no color. But this is the last leg of the shuttle ride we do.

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    Great ride last night.

    I love my big bike. She's heavy but she's fun to ride

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    Well, the Fall is here and the colors have already peaked. This was a poor year for me and mountain biking, I probably only got out a half dozen times on the trail. Maybe I can squeeze in a couple more rides before winter.

    Here are some shots from last night. Almost ran into a couple of moose, and apparently one was chasing me and I thought Dave was joking so I didn't turn around.

    Name:  2015-09-28_16-48-02_HDR.jpg
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    Name:  2015-09-28_16-49-50_HDR.jpg
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    Name:  2015-09-28_17-38-00_HDR.jpg
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    Name:  2015-09-28_17-58-17_HDR.jpg
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    Name:  2015-09-28_17-59-05_HDR.jpg
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    Name:  2015-09-28_18-02-24_HDR.jpg
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    Name:  2015-09-28_18-07-06_HDR.jpg
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    Name:  2015-09-28_18-20-14_HDR.jpg
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    Name:  2015-09-28_19-14-08_HDR.jpg
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    Name:  vlcsnap-2015-09-28-22h11m38s182.png.jpg
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