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Thread: Help & Invite: Cape Solitude at confluence of Colorado and Little Colorado

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    Help & Invite: Cape Solitude at confluence of Colorado and Little Colorado

    Has anyone driven recently to Cape Solitude on Indian Route 6140 (that's part of the route). It's supposed to be one of the best Grand Canyon viewpoints away from the paved road crowds, but the options are this 23 mile each way unmaintained track or a 15 miles each way mainly dull hike carrying lots to camp.

    Kelsey's books talked about the old driving way from Desert View via Cedar Mtn as having got extremely bad, so he recommended a slightly longer one where he talked about one rough steep one mile stretch. But having investigated furthe,r other stretches sound quite rough and in washes that may have changed,and as foreign tourists we can only rent a Cherokee, and if we did hit trouble we'd be on our own a long way from paved road, so quite nervy.

    Alternatively, if someone fancies going with us and there was a 2nd vehicle (in mid-Oct overnighting for sunrise/sunset pics), or 1 top quality vehicle that we'd pay costs for, we'd feel confident enough.
    (also hoping to get to Tatahatso Point and exploring along the north rim of the Little Colorado if that appeals)


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    Motorized access to Cape Solitude is blocked since 20 years ago.

    More or less there where the road from Desert View connects to IR 6140 a large fence was built. The last 8 Miles to the Cape are a foot trail only.

    Both roads were not that bad, we did the Desert View Route with an old Ford Explorer and IR 6140 with an 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

    But don't expect to find solitude on Cape Solitude. It is exactly there where sightseeing flights cross the Grand Canyon on low altitude above ground so you often get a lot of annoying noise.

    I would recommend something different:
    Try to reach the Cape on the opposite side - north side - of the Little Colorado River. More or less the same sights and no restrictions. See a description, sorry, bad old scanned slides and written in German: Walter Powell Pt. This is not an official name. If you would like to get more information feel free to contact me.

    Both sides and all the trails in this area are a bit dangerous for tires of these types you normally find on rented cars. The reason is Kaibab Limestone, hard and with sharp edges cutting into the rubber. Expect a flat.

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    Thanks for the reply. Just noticed it. Will have to translate the article about Walter Powell Point

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    Dang, too bad that road is closed. I worked at the South Rim Visitor Center (Grand Canyon) as a Ranger during 1985 and 1986. Drove out there in my Jeep. Beautiful area and spot. Camped there for the night. I do remember one spot that was real tight, and thinking that a fullsize vehicle would have a tough time getting through here. I did not see a single soul out there and back then the sightseeing flights were not that numerous. I had always planned on going out there again with my grandkids. I have to see if I can find any old slides of that trip.
    Too many roads are being shut down!!!!

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