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Thread: Riverdale Dirt Loop

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    Riverdale Dirt Loop

    This was a great beginner trail for my son and his bmx style bike. He's 8 but tall for his age, right in between the size of being too big for his 20" wheel bike and a little too small yet for the 26" wheel bike, but he did good on this loop. There are some fun whoops and short bumps and hills, and it's fun for any beginner. Plus it's really lush green, and goes right by the river.

    Right at the trailhead there is a really fun bike "pump" dirt track.

    This is also the same trailhead of the Riverdale Paved Parkway that follows the river. Really great area for family biking.

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    Sure is nice down there right now. We had to skip it today because the parking lot and road were packed with cars.

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    My 9 year old boy Porter and I rode this trail last week again. My Klein is back on the trail! This is a great trail for beginners, no elevation change, great singletrack and some good woopty woops for the kids.

    Just a warning, I guess Tuesdays through Thursdays, there's some kind of bike club that uses this trail for time trials, which I think is a horrible idea. You've got hikers and young mountain bikers on this trail, and they see some riders cruising through in a hurry, trying to improve their time. So when we hop off the trail letting them pass, it really ruins the casual feel of the ride as you're constantly on the lookout for riders. I didn't see any signs of reservation or notice.

    Anyways, here is the video from our ride.

    And here is the parking lot. Just ride upstream from here, heading South. Start on the paved trail and then turn off on any of the singletrack forks on the Left.

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