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Thread: NEW TRAIL - North Ogden Connector Trail - Bonneville Shoreline

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    NEW TRAIL - North Ogden Connector Trail - Bonneville Shoreline

    I first noticed this new trail cut into the mountain as I was driving up the North Ogden Divide, on my way to take my wife biking on the Mule Ear trails in North Fork. Once I passed it and realized it was new, I knew I had to have me somma that.

    So it's a brand new trail and it's not done yet, but it's already busy! It comes to a dead end in the canyon and there is probably a couple hundred yards of steep rocky gorgeous terrain that stands between this trail being finished and connected to the other side.

    You can start from the Bonneville Shoreline Trail parking lot on the North Ogden Divide road (makeout point is what we used to call it ) or you can start lower where I did and just ride up the canyon. I'll link my map here in a bit.

    The trail will zig zag south, up the mountain and it is STEEP! But it's in great condition, brand new fresh trail.

    Everybody is already on it, tonight I passed hikers, runners, walkers with dogs, other bikers, and horseback riders.

    It's roughly 3 miles each way, and when it's finished I imagine the new stuff will be double that, but it will connect to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail so you can ride as far as you like.

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    This is currently the end of the trail.

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    And until I get the flippin' Google Maps embed fixed again, here's the link to the map

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    So North Fork Park is open then? 😛

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    I rode this again last Thursday, and was kicking myself for not riding this trail more than once this whole year. The trail builders have added a very fun section of berms and switchbacks leading up/down to the parking lot from the power lines.

    This is a great trail after work for these shorter days, allowing a little more sunlight because it's high on the West side of the mountains

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    Here's an article I wrote for about this trail.

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