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Thread: New trail from North Ogden Divide?

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    New trail from North Ogden Divide?

    I was driving up the North Ogden Divide as my wife and I were headed up for a ride in North Fork, and I looked to the south on the front side of the divide and I noticed what looked like a really nice singletrack trail.

    Anybody been on it? I assume this is part of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail connection between North Ogden and Ogden.

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    Yep, you assumed right. It's supposed to be done this spring. They're working from both ends and it will meet in the middle up in cold water canyon. As you can see in the map they had to go higher in elevation than the BST normally is to stay above private property. Good thing, cause I'd hate to have to wear a wrist band and bring ID just to ride it!

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    Rode it tonight! Not finished yet but it was a cool 3 miles. Will post a Trip Report now

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