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Thread: Goblin Valley, Wild Horse Window, Little Wild Horse Canyon

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    Goblin Valley, Wild Horse Window, Little Wild Horse Canyon

    My extended family headed down to Goblin Valley again this spring, we usually camp off of Temple Mountain Road. Fun times for the family camper trailer style of roughing it. Plenty of area for the kids to run around and explore, and some cool Uranium mines within short hiking distance.

    We did the usual family friendly hikes around Goblin Valley, Little Wild Horse Canyon, and Wild Horse Window. I had a chance to take the drone out for a few quick flights, I'm still viewing the footage but I might be able to put together a couple of minutes.

    By the way, I did call the Goblin Valley State Park office asking if I was ok to fly my drone in the park, I think I woke up the girl who answered. She didn't know, but she suggested I ask "Trevor", but failed to advise me on how I may reach this gentleman. And that was on the 4th attempt of calling, they've got no voice mail greeting so you don't really know who you're leaving a message for. Nobody seemed to mind, and I was sure to sneak away and fly it so I wasn't bothering anybody's "serenity experience" at Goblin Valley throughout the high winds and running screaming children.

    I'll post more when I get a break.

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    Personally the Crack Canyon area of the Swell is my favorite spot to camp in all the SW. It's an easy get, great hikes and drinking copious amounts of Whiskey hasn't got me into too much trouble down there over the years.

    I like the Little Wild Horse area as well.

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    Cool is that the trailhead to Crack canyon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sombeech View Post
    Cool is that the trailhead to Crack canyon?

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    It's at the end of the first turnout road, it's tricky to get this this spot so a lot of people either can't make it or fail to realize they can. It's about a 1/3rd of a mile to the mouth of the canyon and west of the official train head off the road. Perfect view and site and typically away from anyone.

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    Goblin Valley State Park drone footage:

    Little Wild Horse Canyon drone footage

    Wild Horse Window drone footage

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    Did you see me with my friends? we were camped down by the cottonwoods a half mile or so before the par entrance. We rode up Chute Canyon, across the back of the reef and down Wild Horse back to camp, About 22 miles round trip on Friday. On Saturday we rode up Iron Canyon to Lone Man Wash and was headed for Ernie when the storm broke out and rained.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Painted Horse View Post
    Did you see me with my friends?
    How many were in your group? We had a group ride near our camp either Saturday or Sunday morning.

    This was our camp

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    And this is the view from our camp

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    We rode up Chute Canyon, across the Back of the Reef Road and down Wild Horse Canyon on Friday. Saturday we were up Iron Wash and Lone Man Draw.
    We never got the horses near Temple Mountain road. We pretty much all headed home Sunday morning.

    We had 15 horses and riders.Name:  IMG_4072.jpg
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    Thanks for the pics and trail report! I'm planning to take my family down there this weekend. I haven't been since college 15 years ago. Looking to take the kids to the valley and probably do some of Little Wildhorse Cyn (4 kids 10-2, so nothing too intense!). I know this weekend will be pretty busy down there, but I want to get the kids down there this year, and this weekend looks like the opportunity, so ...

    Wondering where to camp. Probably arriving between 3 and 6 Friday afternoon. We'd rather not be in the state park, I think. We have a 28 ft trailer and pickup that I'm not afraid to get dirty. Is there camping off Little Wildhorse road? Or are we going to be better off heading over to the Temple Mtn road area?

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    I see rigs pulled off and camping on both roads.

    I don't think you will have a problem finding a place to disperse camp.
    Lots of rigs along Temple Mountain Road, Back of the Reef Road and the road from Goblin Valley over to Little Wild Horse

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    Wonderful place, and we found a great spot off Little Wildhorse Cyn road:

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